Episode 415: Gotcha – From UniParty Upheaval to Awakening From Naïveté

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Based on the responses from last weeks program, buckle up, I Gotcha – from the UniParty Upheaval to Awakening from naivete. Oh we can talk about Communism all day long and how our present system has taken US into the new revolution. Totalitarianism is plain for all who understand the definition of words with references to the past, say one hundred years ago.magnificent seven

This week I do hit on the definition of words. A dear friend reminded me that the talking heads who are supposedly on our side are actually using the enemies terms. Hence I will emphasize that the ‘dialectic’ has synthesized the conservatives. I do want you to find some time after you listen to my program, to get the terminology correct with a fresh perspective on Marx, dialectics, intersectionality and CRT, by listening top Toby Sumpter’s presentation on The Marx of Wolf.

From the UniParty Upheaval

I will be quick on this topic since I take up most of the first segment running it to ground. Additionally we are now getting a strong perspective from those that voted to vacate the speaker and the facts are, if you are Constitutionalist, that McCarthy needed to go before the August break. Why? He failed on making the members work on funding bills and allowed the ‘shut clown’ debacle to boil over in September. Oh there is a lot more but you will have to shift down to the references and listen to segment one.

I do not draw with and I am not going to learn the AI nonsense, but, I can imagine the desks of the establishment / UniParty, being pushed up into the top of the chamber and all the legs of those representatives dangling like kids afraid of that super coaster. Falling out of the jacket pockets of the members are the bureaucrats and lobbyists, screaming that their control is now in uncharted waters.

WEF to the Rescue

Listen to the full Klaus Schwab interview in the references and think, there is nothing new under the sun, this quote from our primary text on the Administrative State resonates in the Schwab interview,

‘Democracy will resist Fascism and Communism,’ J. M. Pfiffner opines, ‘to the extent that it excels them in maintaining an orderly and just state of human affairs. An adequate material standard of living is an absolute prerequisite to widely disseminated cultural achievements and pleasures. That material standard of living must come through a united national effort applied to research, planning and rationalized production…. The need is for people with faith that democracy can be made to bring happiness and justice for all in this immensely rich America….’

From the standpoint of organization and procedure, the key to customary view of democracy is found in the politics-administration formula. ‘The difference between an autocracy and a democracy lies not in its administrative organization, but in the absence or presence of a controlling electorate or representative body outside of the administration with power to determine the will of the membership, and to enforce the will on the administration.’ This quotation summarizes as succinctly as possible the formula withich public administration crystallized from Reform and Progressivism, and according to which it sought to reform American governmental institutions. ‘Democracy,’ they have believed, under modern conditions could apply only to the deciding phase of the two-fold governmental process. This conclusion flows inexorably from the specialization of function upon which civilization rests, and in any event is forced upon us if we are to ‘stand up’ to autocracy from without. ‘Autocracy’ at work is the unavoidable price for ‘Democracy’ after hours.’

A you all are mostly aware, the UniParty is in full collaboration with the ideologies of the Administrative State, else they would be defunding the bureaucracies, as well as the World Economic Forum, because to the UniParty it is about money and power.

Awakening From Naivete

In beating the drum to Awaken the Citizenry, I am the thimble mouse in the world of media and influencer giants. With that, I do highly recommend you listen to the Tucker – Hanson interview listed in the references.

I will make a statement of generality here. The masses are comfortable in the matrix, including great numbers of evangelicals (therefore) it will have to be the red pill Patriots and Patriot Pastors / Congregations that take the immediate leadership in hand.

Representatives Gaetz plus seven are the ‘1960’s Magnificent Seven.’ Those fighters of true Liberty and against the sedition of the Administrative State, which includes the UniParty. As noted by Hanson, We Are In A Revolution NOW.

We must continue to fight the oppressive bandits in every aspect of our nation. With the Faith of our Founders, we must stand against the evil for our Liberty and that of our posterity.

Sam Adams Wisdom

From 1748 Loyalty and Sedition:

There is no one thing which mankind are more passionately fond of, which they fight with more zeal for, which they possess with more anxious jealousy and fear of losing, than liberty. But it has fared with this, as with many other things, that the true notion and just definition of it has been but little understood, at the same time that zeal for it and disputes about it have produced endless altercations.

There is, there certainly is such a thing as liberty, which distinguishes man from the beasts, and a society of wise and reasonable creatures from the brutal herd, where the strongest horns are the strongest laws. And though the notions of men were ten times more confused and unsettled, and their opinions more various about this matter than they are, there yet remains an internal and essential distinction between this same liberty and slavery.

But we oftentimes perceive such significations assumed by those who find the wrong use of the words conducive to the increase of power or gain, that it is difficult to tell whether loyalty is really commendable or sedition blameworthy. True loyalty in the sense just now explained is the beauty and perfection of a well-constituted state. It cannot indeed subsist in an arbitrary government, because it is founded in the love and possession of liberty. It includes in it a thorough knowledge of our Constitution, its conveniences and defects as well as its real advantages; a becoming jealousy of our immunities, and a steadfast resolution to maintain them. It delights in the quiet and thankful enjoyment of a good administration, and it is the scourge of the griping oppressor and haughty invader of our liberties.

But sedition is founded on the depraved and inordinate passions of the mind: it is a weak, feverish, sickly thing, a boisterous and unnatural vigor, which cannot support itself long, and oftentimes destroys the unhappy patient. It proceeds from gross mistake or great wickedness, from lust of power or gain, in the first promoters of it, and from untamable obstinacy and a vitiated palate that cannot relish the happiness of a free state in the creatures of their designs.

It is a very great mistake to imagine that the object of loyalty is the authority and interest of one individual man, however dignified by the applause or enriched by the success of popular actions. This has led millions into such a degree of dependence and submission, that they have at length found themselves to homage the instruments of their ruin at the very time they were at work to effect it. The true object of loyalty is a good legal constitution, which, as it condemns every instance of oppression and lawless power, derives a certain remedy to the sufferer by allowing him to remonstrate his grievances, and pointing out methods of relief when the gentle arts; of persuasion have lost their efficacy. Whoever, therefore, insinuates notions of government contrary to the constitution, or in any degree winks at any measures to suppress or even to weaken it, is not a loyal man. Whoever acquaints us that we have no> right to examine into the conduct of those who, though they derive their power from us to serve the common interests, make use of it to impoverish and ruin us, is in a degree a rebel — to the undoubted rights and liberties of the people. He that despises his neighbor’s happiness because he wears a worsted cap or leathern apron, he that struts immeasurably above the lower size of people, and pretends to adjust the rights of men by the distinctions of fortune, is not over loyal. He that aggravates beyond measure the well-meant failings of a warm zeal for liberty, he that leaves no stone unturned to defend and propagate the schemes of illegal power, cannot be esteemed a loyal man. Indeed, the reverse use of these words may possibly find authorities in some parts of the world where language and sense are deluged in the torrent of arbitrary power.

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