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Episode 303: Legislating Morality

Legislating Morality  Legislating Morality

Those on that are godless and of the socialists, Marxist, fascist, generally left political views scream at defenders of Constitutionalism and Judeo-Christian Foundations: ‘YOU CAN’T GO AROUND LEGISLATING MORALITY!’ Really?

We have been and are in the battle of ideologies no different than in the Founders day. It is critical that we understand that those who are Constitutionally minded must be God minded as the Founders were. With that, the question of legislating morality is a simple one in that every law, every ordinance, every resolution and every court judgement is making a moral determination on the people and society to which it is being applied. Hence, the real question is: Whose and which morality is being Legislated? Continue reading

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