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Mandate Madness: Ohio’s Non-Solution

​Mandate Madness  Mandatee Madness

To the Citizens of Ohio who desire genuine medical autonomous rights and to the Ohio Senate who are charged with upholding the Ohio State Constitution:

This article is Time Sensitive since the Ohio Senate intends to hold hearings on H.B. 218 beginning December 7th, 2021. The intent is to have this bill ready for signature before the end of the year so as to slow the actions of all types of corporate entities from forcing vaccine mandates and terminating employees.

I have been asked over the last two months about the Constitutionalism of COVID-19 vaccine Mandates both federally and regarding the Ohio Constitution. The policies of the Biden Administration are indifferent to any Foundational Principles. Reasonable citizens are fed up with the more than eighteen months of attacks on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The State of Florida has taken definitive action with a special session of the Legislature which created meaningful legislation that strongly protects the Citizens of Florida. A careful read of those Florida laws1 may resonate with what is happening in Ohio where questions by many across the state are echoing in the clear winter air. Here in Ohio, many thousands of constituents believe their voices are being lost in the blizzard of activity in Columbus. A few legislators are hearing the faint cries for help and want real Constitutional results and are to be commended. However, the majority of even Republican legislators may respond to their constituents, but they have chilled their policy language to echo that of the DeWine establishment corporate donor class. Continue reading

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