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Universities are Body Politic and Corporations

Universities are Body Politic and Corporations

Shakespeare Body Politic

Shakespeare’s Body Politic

Did you know that in Ohio, universities are ‘a body politic and corporate?’ Oh yes, they are.

This is a quick introduction to how the Higher Education Lobby is NOT for education and NOT for the Ohio Constitutional intent for a better Citizenry. The Ohio university and college system is for their Corporatists’ interest only. The Ohio Constitution does not grant them to be ‘a body politic and corporate’ but in 2009 the Ohio Legislature created entities that now can even force your children to take the ChiComFlu VAX.

You might ask, what funny stuff am I smoking? The real question should be to the Legislature and why they were bought off by the corporations and federal entities funding higher education who are mixed in with the lobbyists of the universities and college system? Continue reading

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