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Episode 406: Ohio Issue 1 – One Issue or More ?

Watch Ohio Issue 1 –- video to be published soon on Rumble, Brighteon or YouTube

This week I was invited into a conversation on Ohio Issue 1. Is Ohio Issue 1 actually one issue or more? The real questions that came our is ‘Aren’t we just kicking the can down the road? What is wrong with the StateOhio Issue 1 Legislature?’

In short, because I’m late in getting this program and newsletter out, Ohio is a targeted State. It is a political battleground in pushing the most evil abortion/human-rights amendment, which encompasses everything to do with manipulation of human reproductive organs and gender at any age, and without needing anyones permission.

No different then when Obama/Holder were able to amend the Ohio Constitution regarding redistricting, so to is the battle over Issue 1 and with that the abortion amendment. The enemy has the money. The Citizenry and Churches have a pathetic apathetic perfunctory concern of these issues.

One Issue or More

Simply, Ohio Issue 1 is not one issue. It is significantly more. It has a complexity for not only Ohio but, as I noted, with Ohio being a test target, the ramifications will move to States with a Simple Majority of 50% + 1, to amend those constitutions with social and cultural evil.

Remember, a Constitution is a Covenant.

Sam Adams Wisdom

Again deferring: Agrippa IX (excerpt)

28 December 1787

by James Winthrop,

Agrippa To the People. Continue reading

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