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The Duty of Magistrates (1779)

Samuel Stillman, The Duty of Magistrates (1779)

[Tom N. NOTE: There are few, very few pastors that will preach like Samuel Stillman. There are fewer that Samuel Stillmanwill engage in the political arena like Rev. Stillman. There is few to none in Christian education, be they seminary or Christian college/university that even teach these Foundational sermons. Hence we have the political elite and political parties that are dysfunctional with no intent to return to the Foundational Principles. As we see, the new 2021 federal administration is ‘Cancelling’ our history and rewriting it according to ideologies contrary to those spoken and written in this sermon and other Foundational text.

Can you remotely imagine a sermon of this content, authority and direction being preached before a State or Federal court let alone a Supreme Court?] The reality is that Magistrates no longer understand their Duty to God nor to the People.]

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