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12-17-16 Local Elections Matter- A How Too Win

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Today we are changing up the format and having a guest. The hubbub is on the national election yet more critical to everyday life is what goes on locally. I will be reviewing the election cycle with educator, coach, Author and online instructor, Brian Davis. We will be talking about what went on with the local elections from a mechanical view and more importantly how do we raise up Constitutionally sound candidates.

I will discuss with Brian his book “How to Win An Election: A Game Plan for Victory,” which is practical in comparison to the many I’ve read from the ‘consultant class’ of campaign developers. We focus on School Boards since this is the heart of raising up the next generation of citizens that can participate in the Republic as our Founders intended. It is a fact that we have had seventy years of socialist/progressive indoctrination in the schools. Follow along in Charlotte Iserbyt’s “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America: A Chronological Paper Trail” to get a further sense of this topic.

With the process that Brian brings to educate the citizenry, we also talk about vetting candidates and I let you know that the re-release of “Not All Conservatives Are Constitutionalists” will be out by the fist of the year.

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