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2-24-18 Education and The 2nd Amendment

The school shooting in Florida continues to drive the emotional intolerance of everything that is related to sensible governance as intended by the Framers of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Worse, the local and state political machines are acting against those that desire to represent the citizenry from a position of core beliefs that are at least Conservative minded and to that which they know, Constitutionally minded. Education has become what Khrushchev predicted and is even under further attack in Ohio from the Governor himself.

On the program this week I am giving a brief on what party leadership can do to subvert the citizenry for the purposes of control and power. I dig into the simple reality that the core issue in education and the tragedies happening with young folks are rooted in taking the basis for morality out of the classroom!

I then take us into an in-depth look and the historical reasoning and debates on the 2nd Amendment. We get to the factual reality of what it means for the Citizenry!

References for Today:

  1. Founders’ Constitution “Amendment Second” University of Chicago Press

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