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9-21-19 Political Idolatry and Sam Adams On Marriage

Political Idolatry

This week we have seen a two sided perspective of Political Idolatry. In many ways, those that have taken a position on the Constitution make it preeminent without the Founders context. On the other hand, the Founders frame of reference was that ‘this Constitution is ONLY for a Moral and Religious People’. Many say those words but the nation does not have them in practice, especially within the halls of Congress and the bureaucracies. This Constitution and its means of governing within the framework of the document is impractical without the fundamentals of morality, religion (Christianity in the context of the Founders) and as John Adams stated the same notion, virtue.

This issue at hand is that in general, we do not have a moral and virtuous society as intended. To that point, the Christian religion is not what it was during the Founding era.

I take this Political Idolatry head on with what has been in the news this week regarding ‘Confessing Your Sins To Plants’ and ‘Confessing Your Climate Sins’. Continue reading

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