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Episode 418: In the Image Of?

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As I began working on this topic of ‘In the Image of?’ I was again challenged with the hospitalization of a family member. So if the continuity of this program seems a little off, please bare with me. But then again, some of you may think my continuity is off often. That is humor, I think. Image Of

Not so breaking news: In the second segment I give a little more detail on the new Speaker of the House. I want you to think about Christian Nationalism and that that Mike Johnson is the quintessential Christian Nationalist.

A tad in the Second but mostly in Third segment is the tying together Rushdoony’s explanation of Magic in relationship to science, language, politics and tyranny.

Finally, In the Third Segment, bringing into focus Ohio Issue 1 and Hamas. Pointing you to the reality that one of the prime sponsors/promoters of Ohio Issue 1 is, according to UN documentation, an entity out to destroy the foundational meaning of ‘The Family.’ And I show why the language of the amendment does not mention ‘parent,’ ‘adult,’ ‘children,’ or ‘minor.’ Oh, see the sub-title Getting Long Winded in this post.


When I ask the question, ‘In the Image Of?’ I want you to consider that we are created in the image of the Biblical God but the rejection of this living God beginning with Adam and Eve has brought forth the distortion of ‘the imagery of language’. This distortion was interesting even in the considerations by the Anti-federalists when assessing the Constitution of 1787.

‘The evils of anarchy have been portrayed with all the imagery of language in the growing colors of eloquence; the affrighted mind is thence led to clasp the new Constitution as the instrument of deliverance, as the only avenue to safety and happiness. To avoid the possible and transitory evils of one extreme, it is seduced into the certain and permanent misery necessarily attendant on the other. A state of anarchy from its very nature can never be of long continuance; the greater its violence the shorter the duration. Order and security are immediately sought by the distracted people beneath the shelter of equal laws and the salutary restraints of regular government; and if this be not attainable, absolute power is assumed by the one, or a few, who shall be the most enterprising and successful. If anarchy, therefore, were the inevitable consequence of rejecting the new Constitution, it would be infinitely better to incur it, for even then there would be at least the chance of a good government rising out of licentiousness. But to rush at once into despotism because there is a bare possibility of anarchy ensuing from the rejection, or from what is yet more visionary, the small delay that would be occasioned by a revision and correction of the proposed system of government is so superlatively weak, so fatally blind, that it is astonishing any person of common understanding should suffer such an imposition to have the least influence on his judgment; still more astonishing that so flimsy and deceptive a doctrine should make converts among the enlightened freemen of America, who have so long enjoyed the blessings of liberty.’ from Anti Federalist No. 6, The Hobgoblins of Anarchy and Dissentions Among the States (Centinel essay no. XI), 16 January 1788, by Centinel

The influence of imagery has been noted here with ‘the growing colors of eloquence’ as well as the concept that the Constitution is ‘the instrument of deliverance’ then and even now. What is more important in this weeks program is that in assessing the question of humans determining ‘life and death,’ be it by abortion, distortion of the human anatomy or by Hamas, the eloquence of language and design an imagery to which individuals are shaped into.

Ponder this quote from The Biblical Structure of History: Continue reading

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