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2-23-19 Fabianism, Charles Spurgeon On Socialism

Introduction: Fabianism Religion

Saturday’s program is looking back into the mirrors of history regarding Fabianism. This methodical and slow effort to turn a government and society into a socialistic one began in the mid-1800’s. This rise was facilitated by the the Pulpits in England as well and in America.

I know I will run out of time to get the heart of ‘democratic socialism’ in America so that will be on the radar for next week but I have found something most shocking to me: Charles Spurgeon on socialism.

Pastors and Politics:

In refreshing my insights and background on socialism, beginning with Fabianism, I came across shocking information regarding the ‘Social Gospel’ or ‘Christian Socialism’. I know a significant amount of researched information regarding the degradation of the ‘Reformation Gospel Teaching’ in America but dropped my jaw and my eye popped out when I read some new information about England in particular. Continue reading

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