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8-1-20 Free Ohio Now with Tom Hach

Free Ohio Now  Free Ohio Now

Saturday, August 1st conversation is with Tom Hach of Free Ohio Now (FON). The Chicom Flu (Covid-19) has more than impacted Ohioans as well as other states. The economy is trashed. Health care lost billions of dollars. Families could not be at the side of their dying loved ones. The general population imprisoned with stay at home orders. Worse, people are muzzled to develop a ‘New Normal.’

What can Ohioans do? For that matter, What is it that Free Ohio Now is doing that every other County can do in all Fifty States? Tom Hach lays out those methods that have been effective in getting the Citizenry engaged. As well as he details opportunities that can be accomplished in every State in the Republic. Continue reading

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