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Episode 385: Echo Cambers in The Matrix

This week I had to muse over what I would do for the program but in that reflection, I had to consider the echo chambers of the matrix. I bring you the Echo Chambers in that I have been so engrossed in business interests that there was no time to prepare a fresh program. Therefor, I will explain ‘TheEcho Chambers in The Matrix Echo Chambers In The Matrix’ in a few quick paragraphs here as well as refer you to the past program which compliments last weeks program, here: The Evangelical Conundrum by Samuel Adams And yes, I did put this up back in 2021 but hey, you are caught in the Echo Chamber and living in the Matrix while reliving Groundhog Day.

Keeping It Short

I am compelled to keep this short since I’m overwhelmed with my tasks at hand. Please remember that me keeping up this programing is a passion not a profession. Hence, I apologize that my efforts are in that vain (second definition in the dictionary). To which now, I must keep this newsletter as topically succinct as possible.

The Matrix

As many of you know, I was involved in developing some of the first business plans for telecommunications to bring the Internet to fruition. To prove the business case, I had to install dialup routers and all the stuff that makes connecting to the Internet work. Hence, I helped build the great infrastructure mechanism for The Matrix.

I can factually make claim to the growth of technology and spoke nationally as to where is would lead. When the movie The Matrix came out in 1999, I warned that if humans did not find, hold on to and build a well founded moral society, It would not be ‘the machines’ that took over the world, No, it would be the oligarchs.

Now, there are those oligarchs who would have humanity become Transhuman, see these articles here and here. Yet, there is in fact a Creator who is the Savior of humanity. Therefore, All the noise in the hope of science and technology being the savior of society is the national religion of humanism being the enchantment of the modern mind while the human heart still soul wrenchingly aches for its true redeemer.

Echo Chambers

Simply put for now, the matrix I am referring to here is that complex math that has the variable components of physical, spiritual, emotional, economic and political life in a reality. But living to find ones place in this seemingly pandemonium is often obscured by the Echo Chambers of modern news media, social media and even in modern woke evangelicalism (go back to my program rerun for this week for more on evangelicalism). Continue reading

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