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Episode 318: Business Governing Not Constitutional Government

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Business Governing Not Constitutional Government Business Governing

This topic of Business Governing Not Constitutional Government is difficult to really grasp but it is more evident now with the ChicomFlu as the catalyst then ever before.

This weeks program is a precursor to next week where I will be at be at Planted Flag Brewing in Medina Ohio to discuss what Governor DeWine and his ChicomFlu dictates have done to personal liberty and personal property which are the formula for small business.

I know that many pundits, end of days patriots and evangelicals look at the U. N. and political entities as the destroyers of our Foundational Constitutionalism and Federal Republics of these United States but….. I have seen it differently for years and now – the ChicomFlu with the ‘New Green Deal’ economy of Comrade Obiden has pulled back the curtain of Oz.

I revealed the wbcsd last week. This week I delve into the intent of these 200 plus global businesses that are moving swiftly to fulfill their vision ‘to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world’ by 2050 via ‘Our vision is to create a world where more than 9 billion people are all living well and within the boundaries of our planet.’

I will take you through their accomplishments and further intents. Their links are in the references below.

wbcsd Businesses: Transhuman

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