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Episode 331: Political Solution of Political Theology

Origin and Source of Political Theology  Political Theology

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In preparation for Christmas, I am taking you to the Foundational Origin and Source of Political Theology. This will be a journey into what those who settled New England clearly understood and fully lived as well as the fact that those in the middle and southern colonies had a grounding in the same. Let me begin with this thought that is not predominant anywhere, any longer; government is a gift to mankind. Nor do we hear anything like these truths from the greatest majority of modern pulpits. Here are quotes from William Cooper’s1 1740 Election Day Sermon that embody the living of Political Theology:

“We have been saying, GOD has in kindness to men appointed that they should be governed by men; yet, He has been too good and kind to leave them to be governed by men according to their arbitrary will and pleasure. The end of government is the public peace and safety; when therefore this is neglected, and the ordinance of government only made an engine of tyranny and oppression; when the Constitution is subverted, the liberties and properties of the people invaded, their religion and laws made a sacrifice to the superstition, ambition, or covetousness of the prince that is over them;…every man is under higher and earlier engagements to the community in general than he is to the supreme magistrate [ruler].”

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