12-5-20 House of Deception

House of Deception  Edward M House of Deception

Have we been living in a House of Deception? I can say clearly say NO! The cabal has been in front of US even before the 1911 Edward M. House book ‘Philip Dru.’ The loss of interest in our Liberties was so evident that Arthur Stansbury wrote the ‘Elementary Catechism of the Constitution’ in 1826. This was for ‘elementary school’ students.

There is no deception other than those like E. M. House who, like the present techno-oligarchs, academics, church leaders and political – global elites, use their money, power and position to promote an agenda contrary to Foundational Christian and Constitutional beliefs.

Since the election I have been asked by many a series of questions. I discuss those questions and the answers on the program.

House Cleaning

Can the design of E. M. House be Cleaned? Only if people are serious to suffer the pain of unravelling the cabal. We have systematically allowed the bureaucratic state to rise to its present control of all things by not raising a moral and virtuous people – pulpits missed their full calling.

I put before you once again the need to House clean beginning with ones self. What do we really believe and why?

I’m including two references that aren’t shocking but to which few if any will look into. The first is on the top of my good read list ‘Unholy Alliance’ by C. Gregg Singer. The second brings the warnings and historical perspective into the present by a full engagement work called ‘The Enemies Within the Church.’ With a realtime house cleaning by the ‘Woke’ in Naples, Florida.

I raise this starting point as the first place of House Cleaning since in retrospect, If the First Great Awakening did not happen, then America would not have come into existence (Period).

As we pursue Truth and Liberty in this election, I highly recommend getting ones own house cleaned.

Call for Martial Law

This is not in this weeks program. I am taking a very hard look at all that this will cause.

I clearly understand the positioning of those that are the strongest and deepest advocates of this call.

The nation has been under attack by subversion for a century. We have a President who is fully aware of this and has been using all reasonable and proper means of combatting these enemies within. Yes, there have been and are the enemies within city, county, state and national government. We the People elected them over and over again. As with the enemies in the church, we have allowed the enemies to transgress in the sacred halls of governance.

The moment is one of allowing the full destruction of the Republic or a drastic measure to preserve it?

At this time, in respect to media blackout, President Trump is fully acting according to Executive Order titled ‘Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election’ dated September 12, 2018.

There is more to the imposing ‘Call for Limited Martial Law’ than most citizens can even begin to comprehend. The justifying example of Lincolns actions in this regard hold distinctive parallels yet, there is no getting by how messy this will be.

More so, the alternative is the potential of civil war and that is really messy.

This demands all to prayerfully consider our historical foundation, our abilities and our willingness to stand for true Liberty as the Founders intended.

Our House, this Nation and every state has been corrupted for over a century by our own inactions. Now, there is a call to action of the most severe nature. Are we ready for it?

More on this as the week develops.

The Second Vindiciae Question Again

I am leaving this from last week and will expound over the week. Why?

Because the question is before us in HD vision – will we stand agains tyrants and the despotism being forced on US.

Keeping it short, de Mornay asks the following and then expounds on it:

Whether it is lawful to resist a ruler who violates the law of God, or ruins His Church; by whom, how, and to what extent it is lawful.

We have seen and under a Biden administration, will fully experience violations of God’s law and the ruins of His Church.

Sam Adams Wisdom

Simple – Pray for Wisdom and act for Liberty!

How You Can Support The Cause.

I am constantly being asked to bring the Samuel Adams Return program to Christian radio. I do not have the resources for this since we are self-funded. So, I’m asking that if you believe there is value that should go onto regular Christian Radio in various markets then contact me. We will need some support mechanism to do that. Additionally, Please let everyone you know in Ohio that can support what we do to keep Samuel Adams active. Have them checkout and buy some of our Boutique Pepper Jams at Pepper-Licious.

And because you keep asking!


1. Elementary Catechism of The Constitution

2. Philip Dru: Adminsitrator by Edward M. House

3. Another resource for Philip Dru: Adminstrator

4. Colonel House: A Biography of Woodrow Wilson’s Silent Partner, Article at CIA.gov

5. Who Was Edward M. House? Article at Independent Institute

6. Colonel House and Woodrow Wilson: Paving the Way for War, Article at the Mises Institute

7. Calls for martial law and US military oversight of new presidential election draws criticism, Article at Military Times


9. The Heritage Foundation: Trump’s New Executive Order Is a Positive Step for Securing Elections

Keeping the following as still a value read:

Radicalize The Vote by John Daniel Davidson, NOVEMBER 25, 2020

John Davidson: 1620 Project Gives Americans The U.S. History They Are Hungry For

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