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Episode 310: Sheepdogs and Prophets

Sheepdogs and Prophets  Sheepdogs and Prophets

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Sheepdogs and Prophets came to me as I finished re-enacting Sam Adams at a Liberty Camp for kids and listening to a couple vblogs (see the References) by Doug Wilson. One of the key learning words at Liberty Camp this year is ‘Sheepdogs.’ The intent is to teach the students, during this week long day camp that they are Patriots that walk among those who meander and follow the whims of life while the wolves which despise our Republic are out to devour our Republic.

While facilitating my two Constitutional Classes this week and catching up on some Doug Wilson vblogs, it hit me that there is a correlation between Sheepdogs and Prophets. Now to the most astute Biblical scholar this comparison might seem nonsensical but, to those of us who take a simple direct approach, it makes perfect sense.


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12-5-20 House of Deception

House of Deception  Edward M House of Deception

Have we been living in a House of Deception? I can say clearly say NO! The cabal has been in front of US even before the 1911 Edward M. House book ‘Philip Dru.’ The loss of interest in our Liberties was so evident that Arthur Stansbury wrote the ‘Elementary Catechism of the Constitution’ in 1826. This was for ‘elementary school’ students.

There is no deception other than those like E. M. House who, like the present techno-oligarchs, academics, church leaders and political – global elites, use their money, power and position to promote an agenda contrary to Foundational Christian and Constitutional beliefs. Continue reading

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