3-10-18 Supporting Tucker Carlson – Sam Adams 1771

Yes, this past Wednesday night Tucker Carlson nailed it! We have a Crisis in America – Men not knowing what it means to be ‘manly’. Sam Adams discusses this exact issue in his letter to Arthur Lee! Sam Adams and the Founders understood what ‘manliness’ actually is and what it means for family and society. Tucker asks some great questions and his guest hits it on the head from basic understanding of humanity.

I will always begin where the Founders, like Samuel Adams, historically gained their understanding – A factual, true understanding of Biblical Reformation definition of men and mankind. I intend to discuss the root principle of manliness and give my top examples of ‘Manly Men’. I will additionally discuss, from the thousands of references available, Sam Adams letter to Arthur Lee on April 19, 1771. Just the one paragraph well describes our present in reflection upon our past or as Proverbs reads: Nothing new Under the sun.

With that, As always, remember: The Founders wanted us to gain knowledge and get involved! Being a Citizen is an Active involvement in our political life!  Let’s get our feet on the street for this time is critical!

References for this week:

  1. Tucker Carlson Series on “Men In Crisis In America”

First portion of the segment: Tucker: Something ominous is happening to men in America

Second portion of the segment: Left’s ‘toxic masculinity’ label to blame for male crisis?

  1. Samuel Adams to Arthur Lee, April 19, 1771: The first paragraph for this program:

“Your Letter of the 31 Decr which I receivd by Cap Scott a few days past affords me great Satisfaction; especially as it promises a Correspondence which I dare say will be carried on with an Openness & Sincerity becoming those who are anxiously concernd for the publick Liberty at so alarming a Crisis.1 Perhaps there never was a time when the political Affairs of America were in a more dangerous State; Such is the Indolence of Men in general, or their Inattention to the real Importance of things, that a steady & animated perseverance in the rugged path of Virtue at the hazard of trifles is hardly to be expected. The Generality are necessarily engagd in Application to private Business for the Support of their own families and when at a lucky Season the publick are awakened to a Sense of Danger, & a manly resentment is enkindled, it is difficult, for so many separate Communities as there are in all the Colonies, to agree in one consistent plan of Opposition while those who are the appointed Instruments of Oppression, have all the Means put into their hands, of applying to the passions of Men & availing themselves of the Necessities of some, the Vanity of others & the timidity of all.”

The complete Letter to Arthur Lee

  1. I absolutely think everyone should read these lectures especially the one on ‘Politics’. Abraham Kuyper: The “Stone Lectures” at Princeton Theological Seminary.

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