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3-6-21 Liberty, Freedom and Resistance – Mayhew ‘Unlimited Submission’

Liberty, Freedom and Resistance

Liberty, Freedom and ResistanceThere are the subtle differences in Liberty and Freedom that need to be clarified. In our modern times those words have become synonymous. With having clarity of the differences we can then look at what is proper Resistance to evil – tyranny and despotism.

Liberty and Freedom, in these modern times, are defined moment by moment as the postmodern elites chose to recite the sounds so as to be the ‘Pied Piper’ leading the masses into the river of slavery.

In this era of the ChicomFlu data manipulation and deceptions, the rational for bureaucrats and governors to be despots is for the securing of your ‘Freedom’ to be ‘normal.’ But… you must give up your fundamental Liberties to regain your Freedom.

Enter the ‘new age’ of slavery: at least four future generations of debt to international and fiat money (China and the Federal Reserve), voting nationalized and meaningless (HR1), the Logan’s Run Carousel-Renewal (Covid inoculation), travel only with documentation (inoculation certificate), forced method of transportation and comfort (Green New Deal), muzzled (masks and communications), anxiety-depression-disassociation (manipulated mental health). Continue reading

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3-10-18 Supporting Tucker Carlson – Sam Adams 1771

Yes, this past Wednesday night Tucker Carlson nailed it! We have a Crisis in America – Men not knowing what it means to be ‘manly’. Sam Adams discusses this exact issue in his letter to Arthur Lee! Sam Adams and the Founders understood what ‘manliness’ actually is and what it means for family and society. Tucker asks some great questions and his guest hits it on the head from basic understanding of humanity.

I will always begin where the Founders, like Samuel Adams, historically gained their understanding – A factual, true understanding of Biblical Reformation definition of men and mankind. I intend to discuss the root principle of manliness and give my top examples of ‘Manly Men’. I will additionally discuss, from the thousands of references available, Sam Adams letter to Arthur Lee on April 19, 1771. Just the one paragraph well describes our present in reflection upon our past or as Proverbs reads: Nothing new Under the sun.

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