3-3-18 Foundational Truth and Technology

We are seeing that the technology giants are now acting according to their ideologies and religious beliefs. We hear these tech giants and the likes of Nancy Pelosi’s ilk attempt to define patriotism when in fact the Founders would not recognize their claims. I open again this week from that book “They Preached Liberty” talking about real Patriotism

Additionally for us to really understand our Foundational Truths we must once again come to the knowledge and understanding of the very essence of sovereignty. What is happening in education, government and society in general is that we have lost that perspective. I will discuss the order of what is sovereignty in a very concrete manner referencing Abraham Kuyper from his lectures at Princeton in 1898. It was then that Princeton University conferred the Doctorate of Laws upon him.

It is for all of us, intent on what good Constitutional governance is, to relearn and act according to the Fundamental Principles and Truths which those how established this nation intended for us, their posterity, to hold dear and live by. Of these fundamentals all have their beginning with the First Principle of the Sovereignty of God over everything.

References for Today:

  1. They Preached Liberty An Anthology of Timely Quotations From New England Ministers
  2. Abraham Kuyper: The “Stone Lectures” at Princeton Theological Seminary.

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