3-9-19 George Washington’s Warning and Tory Pastors

Introduction:  Elezar Oswald

George Washington’s Warning of internationalism stresses that our liberties will be lost if we chase after what other countries have instead of holding fast to all that is natural in America. We also look at two Anti-federalists who step us through anarchy. I suggest that in these warnings of the Centinel and Alfred that we can substitute socialism as the root that fosters anarchy.

Lastly, I sat teary eyed in a public place reading and preparing for the video’s of chapters 30 through 33 of the Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution. It pains me deeply that many modern pastors are ‘Tory Traitors’ by being caught up in their ignorance and out-right refusal to know the truth of Christianity in America.

Pastors at the Foundation:

Unlike today where the predictions of Alfred ring true even regarding the Church, this is what was written in 1864 as a recap of the Foundational Pastor:

“ The immense influence of the clergy for the first century and a half is alike honorable to them and to the people. Most of them who first emigrated into the country were gentlemen of family and station, and had good estates, which they freely spent in assisting their poor brethren and parishioners in the numerous difficulties of making new settlements. They possessed a great proportion of the literature of the colony, and were the instructors of the flower of its youth. They had given a striking evidence of their integrity and self-denial in emigrating from their pleasant homes into this distant land for the sake of religious liberty, and their people reverenced them as exiles and fellow sufferers for the dearest of causes. No wonder that all these circumstances combined to give them an uncommon influence over their hearers of every rank and character. No wonder that the governors and magistrates and leading men of the land deemed them worthy of all honor. They were consulted by the legislature in all affairs of consequence, civil and religious, and with civilians were appointed on committees to advise and assist them in the most delicate and important concerns of the commonwealth.”

“It was owing to the clergy that New England was not infested with tories like other provinces.”

And of another Pastor of the Foundation it is written: “In his morning prayer he referred to the prospective hostile invasion, the overwhelming numbers that composed it, the cruel purpose for which it was set on foot, and the haughty, scornful spirit of those who carried it on. He spoke of their enmity to the American church, and the ruin to religion which their success would accomplish ; of congregations scattered, churches burned to the ground, and the Lord’s people made a hissing and a by-word among their foes, till his own feelings and those of his hearers were roused into intense excitement in view of the great wrongs and sufferings designed for them and the Church of God…”

Sadly as in the present time: “In these days of peace and security one is apt to look on such a prayer with profound surprise, if not with condemnation ; but the patriotic clergy of the revolution never practised self-deception ; they did not wish for one thing in their hearts and pray for another with their lips. When they wanted the destruction of their foes, they did not pray about something else, and wait to see if their desires might not be accomplished through the agency of wicked men, or chance, or the devil. They came boldly to the very Holy of Holies, and asked for it. Their enemies were the enemies of God ; their foes those of the Church, who were coming to lay waste and destroy God’s heritage, and they wished their overthrow, and honestly, and with strong crying and tears, prayed for it. Like Cromwell’s Ironsides, who first invoked God’s right arm to strike with them, and then with the fearful war-cry ” Religion” on their lips swept like a thunder- cloud to battle ; like the Covenanters, who prayed that their swords might be like that of Gideon, that turned not back from the slaughter, and then fell in fury on their pursuers ; like David, praying for the overthrow of his enemies, and Moses, and Joshua, and the prophets, whose earnest supplications swelled the heaps of the slain ; so these puritan divines, with- out rancor or vindictive hate, prayed in this fashion, and with an honest, earnest purpose, ” Thy kingdom come.”

Our action Item

is Once Again, to engage our church leadership with discussion regarding the full ‘extensibility’ of the Reformation Gospel. This includes actively engaging in culture and the proper role of Christianity in US governance.

And because you keep asking!


The video of the program is at the SamuelAdamsReturns YouTube channel

The reality and FACTS are that Politics and Culture were talked about from the pulpits until the ‘Social Gospel’ and humanism infested the Church and the Bible Colleges/seminaries.

1. Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution, Pages 306 – 327

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