4-11-20 Lost Vote Predicted in 1787

Predicted  Lost Vote by Congressional Action

Control over elections and the potential for a Lost Vote was predicted in 1787 and 1788. The Anti-federalists argued that Article 1 Section 4 would at some point impact the core right of voting and become corrupted.

This Lost Vote is the essence of the program.

Oh, the last reference is a late add that did not go out in the Newsletter nor spoken of on the program. Yes a Governor dictates how his State can and will worship of suffer the consequences.

More Greatly Predicted

As I most often comment, the Anti-federalists understood Reformation Biblical Truth. As you will read in program notes pdf, they understood the ‘depravity of man.’ This is a reference to the sinfulness of mankind and that left to human inclination, evils, especially those wanting to dominate by power, were addressed by these writers.

They clearly understood what was More Greatly Predicted. That is what is occasioned today, Good Friday. The majority of the Citizens of the new Republics, The States, were understanding of the Christian truth that ‘government does not save.’

The Founding Citizens of this nation just went through what has become known as ‘The First Great Awakening.’ The Battle Cry of most New England States was ‘No King But King Jesus’ such that they were clear that the Resurrected Christ was the only salvation in time of pandemic and war. This was the belief of the general population.

Yes there were those that still saw ‘power’ and fear as the mechanism to manipulate the people but …. The Pastors were firm in living and teaching the Full Gospel account of our present weekend. The people had No god but the Living God – the Dead, Buried and Resurrected Jesus!

More than all else, Consider today as the day of Jesus the Christ suffering and death for each of us individually and then Look forward to Sunday and the celebration of His promise of eternal life by being the victor over death.

Last Thoughts on Chicom Flu

The Chicom Flu has many stories circling like the Ohio Hinkley Buzzards. It is incumbent upon each of us to research all aspects of this evil that is upon US. Here is my thoughts that you should look into on your own. I speak to this more in the program

1st – This is a major push of the Kozak Plan. I have spoken on this for years. You can look at this Search Result from the web site to digest that.

2nd – I would compel you to investigate the ties between Bill Gates, who is a proponent of eugenics and population control, and Dr. Fauci, Dr. Brix and others in the bureaucratic establishment. Ask questions like, who has patens on COVID? Who sits on what Board of Directors or Advisors of the Vaccine companies? What DAVOS members or their underlying organizations are funding what?

That should keep you busy.

My bottom line is this:

  • The US no longer understands or functions under foundational Federalism.

  • Hamilton won and we have a consolidated government according to his hope.

  • We are governed by bureaucrats with analytics Not by the elected.

  • People are afraid to die. They should be if they don’t have a relationship with the living God through Jesus.

  • Over the last 100 years the majority of Pastors have Failed in understanding and preaching like the Chaplains and Clergy of The Revolution.

  • Citizens no longer understand ‘Liberty.’ They are warped in their understanding of the word. They are slaves to ‘economy’ such that they have allowed a flu, all be it a bad one, to install draconian despotism and in some locations tyrannical rules upon themselves.

Not Knowing History

We hear about the Spanish Flu. Well there have been other major disease that have plagued the US since before the landing of our Forefathers from Europe. Never has there been a destruction of lives by closing all aspects of society! Not knowing history allows the people to easily fall into slavery. That is what the Anti-federalists were concerned about.

The concept of ‘designing men (and women) who would use fear and power to control the people was a threat they saw in the Constitution of ‘87. Hence they wrote and forced the hand to immediately Amend that new covenant of governance.

With that I will only repeat – our enemies have studied the Constitution, the Federalist and Anti-federalists Papers better then the Citizenry. Hence, they know the weaknesses in the Constitution and use those to implement their strategies.

Sam’s Wisdom –


[MS., Adams Papers, Quincy; a draft is in the Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library; the text with variations is in John Adams, Works, vol. vi., pp. 420-426, W. V. Wells, Life of Samuel Adams, vol. iii., pp. 308-314; cf. Department of State, Bureau of Rolls and Library, Bulletin No. 8, p. 16. Certain texts give the date as November 20.]

BOSTON Novemr 25th 1790

… “The American Legislatures are nicely balanced: They consist of two branches, each having a check upon the determinations of the other: they sit in different chambers, and probably often reason differently in their respective chambers, on the same question— if they disagree in their decisions, by a conference their reasons, and Arguments are mutually communicated to each other: Candid explanations tend to bring them to agreement; and then according to the Massachusetts constitution, the matter is laid before the first Magistrate for his revision. He states objections, if he has any, with his Reasons, and returns them to the Legislators, who by larger Majorities ultimately decide. Here is a mixture of three Powers founded in the Nature of Man; calculated to call forth the rational Faculties in the great points of Legislation, into exertion; to cultivate mutual Friendship, and good humour; and finally to enable them to decide, not by the impulse of passion, or party prejudice, but the calm Voice of Reason, which is the Voice of God:—In this mixture you may see your “natural, and actual Aristocracy among mankind,” operating among the several Powers in Legislation, and producing the most happy Effects. But the Son of an excellent Man may never inherit the great qualities of his father; this is common observation, and there are many instances of its truth: Should we not therefore conclude that hereditary Nobility is a solecism in Government? Their Lordships Sons, or Grandsons may be destitute of the faintest feelings of honor, or honesty; and yet retain an essential share in the Government by right of inheritance from Ancestors, who may have been the Minions of ministers—the favourites of Mistresses, or Men of real, and distinguished Merit. The same may be said of hereditary Kings; Their Successors may also become so degenerated, and corrupt, as to have neither inclination, nor capacity to know the extent, and Limits of their own Powers, nor consequently those of others. Such kind of Political Beings, Nobles, or Kings, possessing hereditary right to essential shares in an equipoized Government are very unfit persons to hold the scales; Having no just conception of the Principles of the Government, nor of the part which they, and their copartners bear in the administration; they run a wild career, destroy the checks, and ballances, by interfering in each others departments, till the Nation is involved in confusion, and reduced to the danger, at least, of Bloodshed to remove a Tyranny, which may ensue. Much safer is it, and much more does it tend to promote the Welfare and happiness of Society to fill up the offices of Government after the mode prescribed in the American Constitution, by frequent Elections of the People. They may indeed be deceived in their choice; they sometimes are; but the Evil is not incurable; the Remedy is always near; they will feel their mistakes, and correct them.” …

And because you keep asking!


For today’s program:

1. Go to the Program Notes pdf.

*** I happen to like and trust Breitbart and The Federalist for online news so take that for what it is worth to you:

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9. Do your own additional research…..

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