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Episode 412: Future Men and Recovering Calvin of Two Kingdoms

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What does it take to ensure that Future Men can fight Giants? How about one of the most practical books I have read about regarding raising boys into real God defined men? Let me be emphatic, Dads and Grand-dads – this is a must read (period). Don’t think we are so Biblically sound that wisdom and practicality aren’t found in another’s work.

Future Men

A must read.

Many of you are scratching your heads and wondering if I ever considered the book of Proverbs as a guide to raising boys? Well, I have and even when raising our son I have to say that I failed to implement these God-given instructions of Solomon in a practical and meaningful manner during that time.

Face the facts that in general, men have not been nor are really ready to fight the giants in our culture or nation. Most have been duped by the lack of solid Biblical teaching for over 100 years as well as the feminization of our society. How do we restore the church and the public square? With men who know their proper role in this world. I believe the story that Doug Wilson includes in the Introduction of this book regarding Teddy Roosevelt pretty much sums up how the church played a role in the emasculation of God’s design for men.

‘When Theodore Roosevelt taught Sunday school for a time, a boy showed up one Sunday with a black eye. He admitted he had been fighting and on the Lord’s Day, too. He told the future president that a bigger boy had been pinching his sister, and so he fought him. TR told him that he had done perfectly right and gave him a dollar. The stodgy vestrymen thought this was a bit much, and so they let their exuberant Sunday school teacher go. What a loss.’ – Future Men, page 10, Introduction

This weeks program is a very simple chapter by chapter review of Doug Wilsons book ‘Future Men, Raising Boys to Fight Giants’ and a very introductory step into ‘Recovering The Calvin Of “Two Kingdoms”? A Historical-Theological Inquiry In The Light Of Church-State Discourse In South Africa.’

Why Recovering Calvin too?

If Men are to fight giants they need to be aware of what happens when they become the giants. As you are clearly aware, I believe in Christian Nationalism since that is the root of our nations foundation. Yet, we have a clear example of even Reformed Christians going south. And what happened in South Africa is a clear example of giants infiltrating and consuming men who should have known better. Continue reading

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Episode 366: Reviewing Doug Wilson’s Primer on Christian Nationalism From the Mirrors of History

In preparation for this week, I was rereading ‘The Pulpit Of The American Revolution: Or, The Sermons Of The Period Of 1776, With A Historical Introduction, Notes, And Illustrations. By John Wingate Thornton, A.M.,’ and the Vlog of DougChristian Nationalism Wilson’s Primer on Christian Nationalism popped up on my video feed. Well, this really got my hair curled as I listened to Pastor Wilson echo the words of John Wingate Thornton’s Preface and Introduction to his work on these founding sermons.

I do not intend to do a frame by frame review of Doug Wilson’s Primer on Christian Nationalism but I do intend to take you through the mirrors of history regarding those reflections of then for the solutions of our present. I do expect that you shall review the Vlog of the Primer on Christian Nationalism after either listening to this programs podcast or watching the video.

Confessions and the Loss Guidance of Continuity

I had to take a short moment to comment on the references that were made in the Primer on Christian Nationalism regarding the American changes in the Westminster Confession. What I can attest to from having participated in various denominations, including charismatic ones, is that there is a loss of guiding continuity in what was Christian participation in government.

To me, after a deep study of the Reformation, the comparison of the Westminster Confession by Pastor Wilson hits the nail on the head for bureaucrats and elected persons at any level of government. The following is what I believe is a very important, the missing principles that once were inculcated in our Founding era where in the Westminster Confession. For the greater part of modern Christianity — This is not taught or for that matter, any of the foundational Confessions are not taught. Continue reading

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Episode 329: Constitution Null – Political Theology

Constitution Null  Constitution Null

Video Now alive at Rumble

Is it shocking that I say the Constitution Null? In the first instance of Webster’s 1828 Dictionary the definition is ‘To annul; to deprive of validity; to destroy.’ Modern online dictionaries define null as ‘having no legal or binding force; invalid.’ What is happening with the modern bureaucracies at all levels is that the Constitution has no ‘binding force.’ Even the Courts act by their political theology and not by the original intent concept of Constitutionalism.

There are two clear points that I am talking about on this weeks program as I close the year dealing with Political Theology. Just a reminder of the definition of political theology: ‘is often used to denote religious thought about political principled questions.’ as well as ‘used in discussion of the ways in which theological concepts or ways of thinking relate to politics.’ the quotes from Wikipedia contributors, “Political theology,” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Political_theology&oldid=1047705690 (accessed December 2, 2021).

I know, here I go again on the Political Theology highway. Well if you have not figured it out, politics is now more theology than any of the blabber from talking heads, Phd’s, bureaucrats or so called politicians and political experts. More important is that all those who I mentioned are taking their theological positions and communicating them into every aspect of society and doing it every day. They are living their religions out in the open and making policy based on their beliefs. Continue reading

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Episode 312: Apologies, Rants and Reason

Apologies, Rants and Reason  apologies, rants and reason

Videos Links posted at: Rumble and YouTube

I open this weeks program with a sincere apologies to Pastor John MacArthur for my program on 8-15-20 titled “John MacArthur – Too Little Too Late.’

Next is the discussion between coherent Rants and those of pundits who strike an emotional note but often do nothing to bring the listener to a means of self-governance, be it personal, family, work, or governing in our Republic.

Lastly in this episode of Apologies, Rants and Reason; Reason is qualified from the point of Founder’s Intent. I bring you to the Introduction of the Epilogue: Securing the Republic in Volume One of The Founders Constitution. Continue reading

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4-3-21 StickerGate and More – Interview with Pastor Doug Wilson

#StickerGate and Pastor Doug Wilson  StickerGate

Pastor Doug Wilson of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho updates us on the realities of limiting free speech regarding #StickerGate. What is StickerGate? The better question is: How can a city government enforce a 71 year old ordinance on the expression of Free Speech when it was never enforced in the past? To get to the background read ‘For Immediate Release.’

On this program we will hear from Pastor Wilson about the egregious abuses of power that he and his family are personally experiencing. The arbitrary actions of the City of Moscow are not limited to this size of community but if you look around you can find actions regarding Constitutional Free Speech being ‘cancelled’ all over these United States.

Let us remember that the First Amendment in the Federal Constitution has five fundamental Rights secured: worship of God, speech, the press, assembly and redress of grievances. In respect to StickerGate, the Idaho Constitution clearly secures these fundamental Rights generally in Article I Sections 1, 2 and specifically in Sections 9, 10 and 22. I would suggest that the City of Moscow has problems understanding that based on the Idaho State Constitution, the political class there do not comprehend Article I Section 3 setting “the Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land” nor the Rights reserved in all the afore mentioned Sections of Idaho’s ARTICLE I – DECLARATION OF RIGHTS. Continue reading

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11-7-20 Political Theology: Enemies In The Pulpits

Enemies Within  Enemies In The Pulpits

Enemies Within the Pulpits is not a new phenomena. The substance of this newsletter and radio program is not to focus on any type of exposé on schism or theological wack-a-doodle stuff. No, the Enemies Within the Pulpits have been discussed and warned about for over one hundred years. Thereby, I can conclude, that based on the preaching at the foundation of these United States from the First Great Awakening to our present time, that a great number of Pulpits are in fact NOW, in 2020, the cause of the confusion in this election and our American society on the whole.

Now there are a number of pastors in their respective congregations that understand that all of living for now and eternity is political. They get it and speak the truth of the extensible Gospel. Continue reading

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10-21-20 Hobgoblins of Anarchy

Hobgoblins Of Anarchy  Hobgoblins of Anarchy

The Hobgoblins of Anarchy is a point of discussion that meets the folly of the celebrants of this day. Considering all the ghouls that are costumed to play various tricks with no treats the root of this essay by Samuel Bryan reverberates in the streets.

Bryan who wrote extensively as ‘Centinel’ says the following:

‘The evils of anarchy have been portrayed with all the imagery of language in the growing colors of eloquence; the affrighted mind is thence led to clasp the new Constitution as the instrument of deliverance, as the only avenue to safety and happiness.’

I would suggest substituting ‘new Constitution’ with ‘socialism / Marxism’ for our present time. This is in fact what the demon-crats and leftist are promoting. Continue reading

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9-12-20 Christian Resistance is Constitutional and Biblical

Christian Resistance is Constitutional  Christian Resistance

It is not a question of ‘If’ Christian Resistance is Constitutional and Biblical, it is can you believe truth or continue in the deception of disinformation from the uneducated. Those on social media received a preparatory homework assignment from me which gave faithful documentation to address this point of Christian Resistance is Constitutional.

We will discuss the sermon of Samuel Cooper “On The Commencement of the Constitution” 1780. Dr. Cooper takes us through the design of constitutionalism from a Biblical covenantal perspective. Through this it is well established that it was the Liberty set in motion by Christ and the moral integrity of Christianity that allowed the American Revolution the authority to bring a new nation forward. Continue reading

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4-11-20 Lost Vote Predicted in 1787

Predicted  Lost Vote by Congressional Action

Control over elections and the potential for a Lost Vote was predicted in 1787 and 1788. The Anti-federalists argued that Article 1 Section 4 would at some point impact the core right of voting and become corrupted.

This Lost Vote is the essence of the program.

Oh, the last reference is a late add that did not go out in the Newsletter nor spoken of on the program. Yes a Governor dictates how his State can and will worship of suffer the consequences. Continue reading

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11-23-19 The Law? Man’s Vs. God’s

Timothy Dwight - Joseph StoryThe Law?

Lucubration of the Law? The Law? Hey, there’s a new word for you: lucubration meaning (a piece of writing, typically a pedantic or overelaborate one.) We see this overelaborated effort not only in how laws are written but also in how certain elements of Christianity have come up with their theories of new Biblical theology and philosophy.

The Law? Man’s Vs. God’s is a continuum of the conflict in time and space, our reality.

What we are witnessing in the Federal as well as in local and State governments and bureaucracies is lawlessness. I say lawlessness by virtue of what establishes foundational law and truth would support contrarian suppositions and actions to that which many ruling majorities are promulgating.

What we watching in action is man’s concept of law in action. To which results despotism, tyranny and injustice. Continue reading

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