5-4-19 Sam Adams Masters Thesis

Introduction:  James Otis, Sam Adams, John Hancock

Sam Adams Masters Thesis was a shock to the established political class of the day. As a Twenty Year Old his maturity in understanding the elements of the times was in fact greater than his years. Sam Adams was raised in a Biblical Reformation home. His was an impeccable student. His parents wanted him to be a minister but God had other plans for him. Sam Adams understood the full extensibility of the Gospel into every aspect of life including the political arena. We are going to take a quick dive into how Sam Adams Masters Thesis came about and what it means for the present.

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Harvard Ain’t What It Was Intended to Be:

A couple years ago I did a program about the education of Sam Adams. It was an expose of what type of education our Founders received and compared it to the present. The present educational system, including higher learning is just that: a system to drive revenues up and morality down.

When one looks into the founding history of Harvard and any of the universities in Colonial America this was the intent: “Harvard was established by the Puritan’s to preserve the body of learning, beliefs, and practices that defined Puritan culture and transmit it to the next generation. To ‘advance Learning and perpetuate it to Posterity; dreading to leave an illiterate Ministry to the churches, when our present Ministers shall lie in the dust.’” (“New England’s First Fruits” 1643)

I’m discussing this and more as it relates to Sam Adams Masters Thesis.

John Adam Regarding Adulations:

In 1817 John Adams wrote a series of letters to Willian Tudor discussing James Otis, Sam Adams and John Hancock. In one letter he writes: “But if statues, obelisks, pyramids, or divine honors were ever merited by men, of cities or nations, James Otis, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock, deserved these from the town of Boston and the United States.

John then notes that ‘Such adulations, however, are monopolized..’ and then he has a litany of word combinations that most in our present day do not necessarily comprehend. I am unpacking those word for our modern time. Let me just say that Proverbs get it correct: There is Nothing New under the sun.

You will hear this litany of word combinations echo in the churches, all of education, local government, bureaucracies and in State and worse in the present National governments.

Our action Item

is to consider the litany of word combinations in John Adams June 1, 1817 letter to William Tudor. We must understand that the only way to correct how the people represented by these word combinations can be managed is by the pulpits being as those described in the book ‘Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution’ as well as restoring morality and the Biblical God back into education.

It is up to us to take back our nation as James Otis, Samuel Adams and John Hancock set into motion that which brought America into existence.

And because you keep asking!


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