5-11-19 Anti-federalists Prediction – Present Civil War


Is it ‘Culture War’ or ‘Civil War’? It is the Anti-federalists Prediction – Present Civil War! According to the establishment of each independent State which is guaranteed a free Republic form of governance, the Present Civil War is not just between clashing cultures – it is between sovereign States and the despotism of the National government.

The Present Civil War really started when Lucifer attempted to ascend to the throne of God. The actions of this entity are fully exhibited in the lust for control and power to dominate not only individuals and societies but the whole of creation.

Thankfully we know that the in the greater scheme of it all, the war is won! Yet those who are party to the victory do not act as winners.

So too, the Anti-federalists understood that the Constitution of 1787 would result in the lust for control and power as we are seeing it today. In a very long chain of connect-the-dots, they even predicted the election of Donald Trump.

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Culture War is Revolution:

It is reality that the Culture War is the Revolution of humanity against the principles of the Creator. We have seen this since mankind was removed from the Garden of Eden. The lust of control and power over others is a root cause of all wars.

The Present Civil War is a Revolution against all the fundamental truths that established the nation. In our first primary reference written by Robert Yates as a cohesive summary from the floor speech of Luther Martin, I am discussing several of the predictive elements of that time that we are living in the ‘present’.

Pennsylvania Minority:

The second primary reference for this program is actually titled:

The Address and Reasons of Dissent of the Minority of the Convention of Pennsylvania to their Constituents, December 12, 1787

This eighteen page article is a simple analysis of what could go wrong with the Constitution of 1787. At its root, the authors of this work predict the elements that are facilitating the Present Civil War.

There are several Key Warnings that I delineate that have become the essence of those in government and the bureaucracies. I focus on just two words: Control and Power. I like this statement that is in the article: “…What are called human feelings in this instance are only the feelings of ambition and the lust of power.”

This issue of feelings, has become the means in legislation for grabbing power to control even the moral fabric of an individual, i.e. H.R. 5 – The Equality Act.

Oh, the authors of this article did in one sentence predict the need and election of Donald Trump.

Our action Item

is to study the resources and understand that the Anti-federalists did get it right and that they were predictive.

And because you keep asking!


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1. 6-27-1787 Luther Martin’s Objection

2. the Pennsylvania Minority

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