6-13-20 1771 Candidus and Liberty Lost Today

1771 Candidus – Lost Liberty Today  Liberty Lost

Lost Liberty Today is explained in my dusting off of the Sam Adams ‘1771 Candidus’ news paper article. Sam wrote, ‘I Believe that no people ever yet groaned under the heavy yoke of slavery, but when they deserv’d it.’  Sad to say but these United States deserve what they are experiencing at present.

I will delve into this Sam Adams article to some extent but you must read it and my application commentary at the end.


The 1771 Candidus article strikes hard against allowing our Liberty to be Lost. Sam comments, ‘The truth is, All might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they ought. Is it possible that millions could be enslaved by a few, which is a notorious fact, if all possessed the independent spirit of Brutus, who to his immortal honor, expelled the proud Tyrant of Rome, and his “royal and rebellious race?” If therefore a people will not be free; if they have not virtue enough to maintain their liberty against a presumptuous invader, they deserve no pity, and are to be treated with contempt and ignominy.’ Over the last fifty years, I put the Republican Party in the context of lacking virtue enough to maintain our liberty. A recent example of not understanding Foundational freedom is the ‘Republican-led Committee Passes Elizabeth Warrens Amendment to Rename Military Bases

As this is the introduction for Tomorrow’s Program, Let me leave you for a time to contemplate this statement from Sam’s article, ‘The Tragedy of American Freedom, it is to be feared is nearly compleated: A Tyranny seems to be at the very door. It is to little purpose then to go about cooly to rehearse the gradual steps that have been taken, the means that have been used, and the instruments employed, to encompass the ruin of the public liberty: We know them and we detest them. But what will this avail, if we have not courage and resolution to prevent the completion of their system?’

Lost Liberty Today:

Our Lost Liberty Today is nothing that should be shocking. The root of it began in the mid-1800’s and moved into high speed by 1912. As with the advent of jet engines and rockets in the 1940’s, it moved on that hockey stick curve upward with what Yuri Bezmenov identifies as ‘Demoralization, Destabilization, Insurgency, Normalization.’

I have found it interesting as I researched for this program, that increasingly over the last couple of years more pundits and blog writers have referenced Bezmenov. When Obama came to office the reference was ‘Saul Alinsky.’ Well, the bottom line is Communism in America.

I will make an attempt to expound on the 1984 Bezmenov interview that is now up on YouTube and being recycled by many but….. my point is that there have been many of us that have been speaking, teaching and attempting to open the eyes of the Citizenry for many years. As much as he was demonized, Joe McCarthy was on the correct path.

There have been others such as John Stormer writing in 1964 “None Dare Call it Treason.” I first read this book in 1969. John also updated the book with “None Dare Call It Treason, 25 Years Later” which includes a reference to Joe Biden, the Bush dynasty and more. (Oh, I bought my copy of the 25 Years Later version for $6.00) I have been telling you about the Kozak plan for years on this program and elsewhere. So many have been ringing the true Liberty Bell but the crack in it has made it silent on the ears of those who should stand for Liberty.

Sam wrote in 1771 Candidus that, ‘Our enemies would fain have us lie down on the bed of sloth and security, and persuade ourselves that there is no danger. They are daily administering the opiate with multiplied arts and delusions, and I am sorry to observe, that the gilded pill is so alluring to some who call themselves the friends of Liberty. But is there no danger when the very foundations of our civil constitution tremble?’

Yes, treason has been with US for decades and now, the enemy within is exercising its open position of tyranny and insurrection. A prime aspect that Bezmonov said is our demise in all this is the loss/rejection of true patriotism and our foundational moral fabric.

I say, the churches have failed to do their job to raise up a moral and virtuous people so as to have moral and virtuous leaders.

Capitol Hill, Seattle, Washington:

This past Wednesday I was privileged to be a guest speaker, via Zoom, at the Northwest Grassroots meeting in Spokane, Washington. One of the topics that came up was regarding the take over of the Seattle – Capitol Hill area. At the time of our conversation, BLM and Antifa had captured the area, blocked the streets and declared it an independent / autonomous zone. We see that the Washington State Governor is, in my opinion – purposefully, clueless. More interestingly is that an anarchists named Raz Simone rises to the top of the hill, dealing out harsh justice.

And the communist are now declaring the area ‘independent of the United States.’ Check out the links in the references for yourself.

I was asked during and after the meeting, if President Trump could Constitutionally send in the means to quell the insurrection? My simple answer to the complex answer is: Yes. I’m not going into the full details on this but just a few quick notes.

First, review last weeks posting about Shay’s Rebellion and Sam Adams thoughts.

Second, 10 U.S. Code Chapter 13 – INSURRECTION

Lastly, Consider the History of the Insurrection Act noted above. Consider US Constitution Article I. Section 5, Clauses 15 and 16:

William Blackstone, Commentaries 1:395

Records of the Federal Convention [1:54; Madison, 31 May]

Alexander Hamilton, Federalist, no. 29, 181–87

A [New Hampshire] Farmer, no. 1

George Washington, Order Calling Up the Militia

George Washington, Sixth Annual Address – 19 Nov. 1794

James Kent, Commentaries 1:244–50

Sam Adams Wisdom:

Ending from 1771 Candidus:

‘The liberties of our Country, the freedom of our civil constitution are worth defending at all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have receiv’d them as a fair Inheritance from our worthy Ancestors: They purchas’d them for us with toil and danger and expence of treasure and blood; and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightned as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle; or be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men. Of the latter we are in most danger at present: Let us therefore be aware of it. Let us contemplate our forefathers and posterity; and resolve to maintain the rights bequeath’d to us from the former, for the sake of the latter. Instead of sitting down satisfied with the efforts we have already made, which is the wish of our enemies, the necessity of the times, more than ever, calls for our utmost circumspection, deliberation, fortitude and perseverance. Let us remember, that, “if we suffer tamely a lawless attack upon our liberty, we encourage it, and involve others in our doom.” It is a very serious consideration, which should deeply impress our minds, that millions yet unborn may be the miserable sharers in the event.’

And from ‘Loyalty and Sedition’ written about 1748:

‘The sum of all is, if we would most truly enjoy this gift of Heaven, let us become a virtuous people: then shall we both deserve and enjoy it. While, on the other hand, if we are universally vicious and debauched in our manners, though the form of our Constitution carries the face of the most exalted freedom, we shall in reality be the most abject slaves.’

And because you keep asking!


The video of the program is at the SamuelAdamsReturns YouTube channel


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Seattle Washington CHAZ – just a few to view

1. PENNY STARR, June 2020 – Protesters Take Over City Blocks in Seattle, Blockade Streets, Call for Armed Guards

2. By RACHEL SHARP FOR DAILYMAIL.COM PUBLISHED: 10 June 2020 – Protesters kick out cops and set up six-block ‘autonomous zone’ as a memorial to George Floyd before taking over Seattle City Hall to demand mayor’s resignation

3. BY PETER ALLEN CLARK UPDATED: JUNE 11, 2020 – Seattle Protestors Are Occupying 6 City Blocks as an Autonomous Zone.Some Fear a Police Crackdown Is Imminent

4. Democracy Now, June 11 – Seattle Protesters Declare Autonomous Zone Around Police Precinct After Heated Standoff with Police

5. Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, June 9, 2020 – Welcome to Free Capitol Hill’ — Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone forms around emptied East Precinct — UPDATE

6. The CUT, By Bridget Read, June 11, 2020 – Whats Going On in CHAZ, the Seattle Autonomous Zone?

7. By JOEL B. POLLAK, Jun 12, 2020 – Left-wing Black Lives Matter protesters in Seattle have attempted to secede from the rest of the country, occupying a six-block enclave that they are calling the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ).

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