9-23-17 Convention of States, No Moral & Virtuous People

Convention of States, No Moral & Virtuous People

A message from a ‘simple Citizen’ is what this week is about. Too often in our modern times even those with great intentions create an oligarchy. From my simple perspective the nation is floundering at the root utilizing one of our most sacred tools for changing our ‘Framework’ of governance is the work of ‘small groups of well intentioned people and organizations’ that are not properly focused on the ‘real issues’ nor the methods for lasting solutions. That is the point of todays program!

A Convention of States has been and continues to be a waste of time, effort and financial resources that will do absolutely ‘Nothing’ to deal with how Congress is mired in the swamp. I will discuss my thoughts on this and two primary solution recommendations.


Oh, one aspect I do not discuss in the program is: ‘Follow the Money’. Cathy reminded me of this as we investigated the organizations and groups that are promoting the Convention of States. Pretty much why I call it the GIO: Good Intentions Oligarchy!

As always, remember: The Founders wanted us to gain knowledge and get involved! Being a Citizen is an Active involvement in our political life!  Let’s get our feet on the street for this time is critical!

Join me on today’s program to value the Founders perspective of the mirrors of history and the reality of the present.


And because you keep asking!

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For today’s program:

The primary references are embedded links in the body of the promo

  1. John Adams Quotes
  2. Other resources on John Adams
  3. Inculcating All Students in Foundational Principles 1825 University of Virginia Board Resolution.
  4. Expounding on U of Va Board Resolution
  5. A mentioned article that is interesting but not an argument from my perspective: Why States Can’t Prevent A Runaway Convention
  6. Algernon Sydney – Discourse on Government
  7. Stay tune for major changes with SACPS.org and Samuel Adams Returns.
  8. Liberty Camp was a great success! Here is the Promo video. Let me know if you what info on how you can do Liberty Camp in your Area.
  9. Yes, And even more important as you look at what happened in the Republican held House: At the Samuel Adams Returns web site: “Not All Conservatives Are Constitutionalists


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