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Episode 332: Christmas Gone, What’s Next?

Christmas Gone  What's Next

Video available at Rumble and Brighteon

With Christmas Gone the torrent of life is crashing like the foaming, raging white horses of the flood that swept away the Nazgul at the Ford of Bruinen. It is in fact that most are caught in or between the shining fiery light of true Biblical Reformation Theology and that torrent of life in the clutches of Sauron.

Since the expenditures of Christmas 2021 had more lit homes than the last two years and gifts flowing from under trees, even with the harbors and wharfs full of loaded ships, glad tidings were sung while stockings were hung, as the radar tracked the red nose lead sleigh with glee.

While here in the studio a plan is a work that 2022 will be deep in truth. Never before will take a greater will, an enormous effort if you will, to gather together the soul, the mind, the spirit of all, such that the body can be busy about the business of Liberty.

You see, slavery is upon all in a most subtle way. Even the Orthodox have something to say. Where are the manly evangelicals? Where are the orthodox in these United States? Where are those who will fight for True Liberty of soul, mind and spirit?

Resoundingly 2021 Christmas Gone and the battle is on. What will we fight for? Continue reading

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