11-14-20 Political Theology: Chickens Running Around Looking for Happiness

Chickens Running Around 

RoofTop Chickens Looking for Savior

   Rooftop Christians.. Oops! Chickens..

The Chickens Running Around are looking for all sort of happiness and the littlest of them is shouting ‘the sky is falling!’ But wait, many flocks are roosted on the rooftops looking at signs that have convoluted words transcribed by the minks who have shinnied up the drain pipes to feast upon those that cannot or will not fly.

But wait again, similar to Venezuela, the czar of public happiness wants to ensure that when those chickens running around flock to an event that appeases a sense of happiness, well then, according to TicketMaster, the flock must have their ChicomFlu vaccine or a negative test. So now do the gods of entertainment demand your Liberty so that you can be happy? Don’t forget… Chickens Running Around in the poultry farms get inoculated in their food.

Many are asking, So why the allegory of Chickens Running Around? Who are they? Tom, what the heck are you flapping your wings about? OK, you will need to listen to the program for more on all of this.

Social Media Isn’t

I’m not trying to be insulting here but – the chickens running around from place to place looking for a new roost in the social media environment is now interesting. I was part of a great company designed to replace whole space including applications about three plus years ago. Those that did participate with me on the replacement efforts of unsocial not media were cancelled by the chickens who weren’t willing to scratch for their own content and connections. These chickens want their feed for free and now chase after crowing personalities and loud clacking other birds.

Saying it more than once: There ain’t a free anything!

Well, socialism has a price tag that includes a mindset that someone else needs to scratch the ground and make the feed available so that all the flock in the yard can peck the offerings with little to no personal cost of effort. Oh…. Just lay an egg a day and watch your head when those days are over.

Bottom line is that even if one flies after personalities, who and how is the feed placed in the yard for consumption? No, not a single byte of technology is free. Therefore, can you really trust personalities that promise the fox won’t be in the henhouse but in fact the minks is already richly eating away and none notice because this carnivore is sleek and rich looking..

What I really want to talk about:

Federalist #23 and Anti-federalist #17

In Federalist #23, Hamilton presses for unlimited power in the Federal government to exercise military powers both foreign and domestic. He prescribes the notion of:

The authorities essential to the common defense are these: to raise armies; to build and equip fleets; to prescribe rules for the government of both; to direct their operations; to provide for their support. These powers ought to exist without limitation, BECAUSE IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO FORESEE OR DEFINE THE EXTENT AND VARIETY OF NATIONAL EXIGENCIES, OR THE CORRESPONDENT EXTENT AND VARIETY OF THE MEANS WHICH MAY BE NECESSARY TO SATISFY THEM. The circumstances that endanger the safety of nations are infinite, and for this reason no constitutional shackles can wisely be imposed on the power to which the care of it is committed. This power ought to be coextensive with all the possible combinations of such circumstances; and ought to be under the direction of the same councils which are appointed to preside over the common defense.’

Yates, as Brutus, in Anti-federalist #17 counters this by an opening salvo of:

This [new] government is to possess absolute and uncontrollable powers, legislative, executive and judicial, with respect to every object to which it extends, for by the last clause of section eighth, article first, it is declared, that the Congress shall have power “to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the government of the United States, or in any department or office thereof.” And by the sixth article, it is declared, “that this Constitution, and the laws of the United States, which shall be made in pursuance thereof, and the treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any thing in the Constitution or law of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.” It appears from these articles, that there is no need of any intervention of the State governments, between the Congress and the people, to execute any one power vested in the general government, and that the Constitution and laws of every State are nullified and declared void, so far as they are or shall be inconsistent with this Constitution, or the laws made in pursuance of it, or with treaties made under the authority of the United States.’

And we wonder why we are where we are in 2020…. Thankfully, President Trump has been restoring Federalism instead of continuing with the Hamiltonian philosophy of a ‘very energetic national government.’

Jamming and Limited Time

Chickens running around include the rooftop Christians who are caught up in the ‘Late Great Planet Earth’ and the major event that has missed its date numerous times. To that end, if one does not fight for what is viewed as precious and is not willing to take on all that would attack it then it really isn’t precious is it?

Oh, The rooftop Christians know who they are by their eschatology…

Keeping this one really short since we have a lot of jamming to do. If you are in Ohio, don’t forget to check out Pepper-Licious jams and pepper products.

Communism Isn’t Dead

Communism isn’t dead as some major pastors declare. No, it is right in our living-room and kitchen since the CPUSA and demon-crats have executed their plan for this election with all precision. Just check some of the references on this. Pray that Donald Trump prevails in this election so as to further expose this reality or…… Welcome to the matrix and you better learn to use ‘comrade’ as a common way to address others.

Oh by the way Ohio, Governor DeWine is all in for Biden. I always knew he was a ‘never Trumper-Kasich Clone.’

Sam Adams Wisdom

Foregoing Sam this week for the opening statement of a Sermon by Timothy Dwight titled: ‘The True Means of Establishing Public Happiness’ (1795). Addressing those Chicken Running Around Looking for Happiness by considering what is true public happiness.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Timothy Dwight (1752-1817), the author of The True Means of Establishing Public Happiness (New Haven: Green, 1795) He was President of Yale College from 1795 until his death in 1817, succeeding President Ezra Stiles. Like his brother, lawyer Theodore Dwight (1764-1846), Timothy Dwight was a grandson of the famed Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758). Their father, Colonel Timothy Dwight, was one of Governor Jonathan Belcher’s best friends.] And you all know that I really like the Belcher Society web site!



ISAIAH xxxiii. 6.


To establish on firm foundations the happiness of society is evidently one of the most important concerns of man. If the attainment of that happiness be highly desirable, the perpetuation of it must be more desirable. Its daily value is daily renewed, during its continuance; and, when extended through a century, it is mathematically proved to be of a hundred times the value, which it would possess, if extended only through a year.

The mind of man, instinctively realizing this truth, has ever laboured rather to secure, than to obtain, happiness, both public and private. The attainment is usually not a difficult task, the establishment a Herculean one. A free government has been always, and justly, supposed to be a primary source of national happiness. To form such a government has been found sufficiently easy; but to render it durable has been ever considered as a problem of very difficult solution. Yet in its durability plainly consists almost all the value of such a government. Hence most of the political knowledge and labour of freemen has been employed, and exhausted, in endeavouring to give stability to their respective political systems. Hence have arisen the numerous checks, balances, and divisions of power and influence, found in our own political constitutions, and in those of several other nations. In other nations, these means have been generally insufficient to accomplish the end. Whether they will issue more happily in our own is uncertain. In several instances, we seem to have approached the verge of dissolution; but we have providentially withdrawn, before the season of safety was passed. Men of extensive political information, and sagacious (def: having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgement) forecast, have frequently trembled for our national existence; and, notwithstanding some favourable interpositions of Providence in our behalf, they still wait anxiously to know what the end will be. Should we fall, the fairest hopes of wise and good men will be blasted; the maxim, That mankind cannot be governed without force and violence, will stand on higher proof, and be advanced with new and triumphant confidence; and the great body of civilized men will probably sit down in sullen and melancholy conviction, that nations cannot, unless circumscribed by Alps, or oceans, be permanently free.

My commentary: That this last statement is that which the majority of conservative Christian Pastors say, That the USA cannot be permanently free. Nor should the USA be since there is nothing special about it. At this time, I agree, since they did not preach the full extensibility of the Gospel, the USA is no longer special.

Most nations, and most politicians, have considered arms and wealth, as primary means of continuing national happiness. To this opinion they have probably been led by the allurements of avarice (extreme greed for wealth or material gain.) and ambition, by the power of custom, and by a persuasion, easily imbibed, that grandeur (high rank or social importance) and happiness are synonymous. All these are deceitful guides, and have in this instance conducted only to error.

As means of defense, arms are evidently necessary to national safety, and, of course, to the permanence of national happiness; but, as means of conquest, they are usually the source of national ruin. States of moderate size, uninclined to military enterprise, and unambitious of high distinction, appear to have realized more happiness, than those of a contrary character. Widely extended dominions are too unwieldy an object, to be managed with either skill, or success; and power, diffused over a large territory, lessens at every stage of its diffusion. A greater and greater mixture of nations and tribes, once independent and impatient of subjugation, of different manners, religions, and interests, and prevented from uniting by prejudice and hatred, by imperious domination and irritated dependence, is continually accumulated, at every stride of conquest; and, like the iron and clay in the prophecy, though carefully moulded into a fair and regular form, is preparing to crumble, under the hand of the Former.

How You Can Support The Cause.

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And because you keep asking!


The video of the program is available on Saturday at the SamuelAdamsReturns YouTube channel.

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