2-2-19 Constitutional Debates: Presidential Election, Power and The Judiciary

Mirrors of History Abound:  Federalist Papers

The attacks on President Trump abound as not seen in the last eighty years. The real travesty is that the majority of the Citizenry have never even considered the July 17 thru 21 Constitutional Debates. I’m sure you are asking: What debates and what happened?

What you will hear on this program is the facts right out of Madison’s Notes from these days. There are some very interesting arguments that match what we are hearing in the media and from Congress itself.

Power, Control – Presidency and Judiciary:

The July 17 thru 21 Constitutional Debates delve into the Powers of the Presidency and relationships of the same to the Legislature as the means of electing the President was being argued. These debates discuss the separation of powers, electing the President and what could happen if only a ‘popular vote’ determined the election.

Oh, the key point that keeps coming out is the ‘character’ of the candidates.

The idea of an independent Judiciary is really bounced around during July 21. The philosophical position for judicial review that acts a legislating portion of the government is put on the table. No wonder the Anti-federalists and Jefferson were worried about this branch of government.

Warning of Tyranny:

The final point is that the purpose of the Electoral College is to watch out for Tyranny that could come from the Congress – especially the House of Representatives. Also, the arguments of this period were looking to the presidency as the guardian of the people against the potential tyranny of the House.

Our action Item is to Preserve the Electoral College!

And because you keep asking!


The video of the program is at the SamuelAdamsReturns YouTube channel

1. Debates On The Constitution: For this program start on Page 211 through Page 238

For my grandkids and you:

I am now just over half way through reading the chapters on YouTube.

The Chaplains and Clergy of The Revolution Compiled by J. T. Headley, 1864 My reading of the Book on YouTube: The Chaplains and Clergy of The Revolution

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