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Episode 403: Damnation From Leadership – Allows National Evil Leading Citizens to Sin

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The Damnation from Leadership allows national evil leading Citizens to Sin began as the title for the June 10th Radio program. Yet with all that is being bulldozed in regard to national sin of cultural, religious, economic, property and security, which is propagatedDamnation from Leadership with coercion by political, business, educational and religious leaders. Specifically, this month of June, ‘pride idolatry’ and its co-demon of DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) is aggressively worshipped within virtually every national institutions already listed.

The coercion mandating the acceptance of human abnormality and immorality is designed to turn the hearts of the Citizenry from Foundational truth much like Jeroboam creating an idolatrous false religion. During the Reformation, Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos: A Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants by Junius Brutus very clearly addresses national ‘sin’ caused by the leadership’s sining, which therefore causes national judgement.

The program for June 17th is a shot journey into the damnation from leaders in presidential politics, finance and economics as well as a comment on the recycled Hillary housing plan. This program is the simple opening to an eBook I’m writing delves more deeply into the parallels of all history to our present.

Biblically I take the issues in the forefront of the media back into the Old Testament. These same issues were dealt with then. I also take you into the Reformation perspective which was the spiritual, political and economic focal point for the American fight for Independence.

The development of egocentric idolatrous and administrative / deep state begins with the fall of ‘the morning star’ (Isaiah 14:12) and continues to the present intelligentsia and global elites ‘attempting to gain control over the world of man, nature and the supernatural.’1 The combination of these factors, which exclude and work toward the destruction of God’s will in humanity are summarized in these quick notes from ‘The Administrative State, A Study of the Political Theory of American Public Administration” (See References) – This is a really good read. I do elaborate more on this in the eBook.

For this newsletter we must keep it short and keep moving.

Damnation From Leadership – Pride

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8-15-20 John MacArthur – Too Little Too Late

John MacArthur – Too Little Too Late: The Forgotten de Mornay – The Right Man On Time

Too Little Too Late  Too Little Too Late

Is it Too Little Too Late for the stance of John MacArthur in resisting the tyrants of government in California? Over the years of his time in the pulpit he has more often told congregations across these United States to NOT become involved in politics or that which is associated with it. I heard him speak a number of years ago telling a large congregation that ‘Christians should not be involved in politics.’ He as well as other major pastors have minimized and worse neglected the extensibility of Biblical truth, which should affect every aspect of life, including the political, social, economic and cultural arenas. Sadly, there are predominant pastors which are part of a coalition that is and has been at times overtly catering to ‘cultural Marxism’ and more – see The Gospel Coalition’s Bamboozling Act.

As I have discussed for the last thirty plus years, The Church is to be victorious in every aspect of where we are placed. This is not a ‘name it and claim it’ concept. It is the eschatology of the Reformers and especially the Puritans that settled the northern colonies of America. Since the mid-1800’s the universalism of the ‘social gospel’ and what I have called ‘roof top eschatology,’ has removed the American foundational view of developing a ‘moral and virtuous people’ to lead in every aspect of governance – beginning with the family. Continue reading

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