Episode 420: Ohio Leads US Into The Pit

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OH leads to the pitThis weeks elections, sets the tone as Ohio Leads US Into The Pit. The devil is not just in the details but also in the financing of destruction to parental rights. Not only were millions of dollars spent on Ohio elections but Ohio Issue 1 and Issue 2 were not about freedom, they are about making money, reducing population and tyrannical control over those who will not turn a blind eye to evil in general.

Here is a quick reference for you of over $4 billion that o’biden gave to the lgbtq+ promotion of moral decay.

In the References, I have a number of article and reports that discuss the billions of dollars that will be made by the high-priest of medical, political and child slave masters of all the religious sect ‘ism’.

And I told you so in previous programs: Ohio Just the Beginning of Pro-Abortion Activists’ Ballot Measure Crusade as well as repeating it in this program. It will be interesting to see what rabbit the Ohio legislature pulls out of the hat as noted in: Ohio Republican lawmakers promise abortion fight isn’t over.

The sad aspect of this is that people really did not do the research on these issues for themselves and voted based on media hype, emotionalism and lack of moral integrity. I would like you to apply my modernization of a 1784 quote from Sam Adams to Richard Henry Lee regarding the present debacle here in Ohio:

…Should we not guard ourselves against progressives and heretical pastor’s manipulative Intrigues & Factions. Their Emissaries, Media Moguls and Oligarchs, under the Guise of Merchants, Repenting Refugees, Schoolmasters, and other Characters, unless Care is taken, may effect another & fatal Revolution. Remember your history in that The Commonwealth of England lasted twelve years, and then the exiled King was restored with all the Rage & Madness of Royalty!—A Caution to the Citizens of Ohio and the United States, zealously to counteract the Hopes our Enemies, entertain of “Discord, Disunion, & Apathy on our Part,” to watch over the publick Liberty & Safety with a jealous Eye, and to practice the moral and political Virtues upon which the very Existence of Ohio and the Republic depends.

These End Times

Well, I have already been hearing that these end times are surely upon us because evil must persist. I have to say that those saying and preaching that do not understand the full context of Scripture. The Old Testament has many historical example of what happens when those called by God fail to keep a society focused on the Creator of all that is.

My studied belief is that the church in the United States, with a few exceptions, fall into the same apostasies as Israel of the Old Testament. To many for too long, over the last one-hundred and fifty years have been looking for the ‘escape pod’ of a rapture. Where as they have only committed the mud staining of Christ’s Bride.

You, in general, pastors and elders of Ohio and the Republic in general are culpable in the passage of Issues 1 and 2. Read these comparative verses and consider that the shoe fits, hence you are wearing it

Deuteronomy 7:1-2, Deuteronomy 30:2-4, Deuteronomy 32:15, 2 Chronicles 30:7-9, 1 Samuel 12:6-7, 1 Kings 12:25-33, Nehemiah 9:30-31, Jeremiah 7:9-15, Isaiah 55:1-3, and for now, Amos 3:1-3.

Keeping It Short

I ask you to listen to or watch the program. For the next several weeks I won’t have time to write more detailed newsletters.

In summary for Ohio Leads US into the Pit, strategies must begin with educating every pastor, church leaders and the people as to how foundational government and governance in our Republic functions. Second, with further analysis as to the demographics of the voters in this last election, the work effort must be directed to the four million in Ohio that did not vote.

These are just the starting point. What can you do to make this happen?

Sam Adams Wisdom

Samuel Adams to James Warren Philadelphia, Novr. 18, 1780

Permit me, my dear Sir, with the most unfeigned Sincerity, to con- gratulate your Excellency on your Advancement to the Chair of Govern- ment in the State of Massachusetts Bay. It affords me inexpressible Pleasure to find that the Freemen of your State have been guided by their Judgment, their Gratitude and Regard for publick Virtue, to give their Suffrages for a Gentleman, who not only possesses sufficient Skill to regulate the political Wheels of Government, but has the Abilities and Disposition to draw forth all the Resources of that important State in Time of publick Danger and lead its Forces against the Common Enemy, with that Judgment and Bravery which must ensure Success.

As I ever supposd your Excellency would have no Rival for the Chair after your Constitution of Government was formed, my Surprize was beyond Description when I found that you had a Competitor for the Chief Magistracy; 1 who in times of publick Danger feard to venture upon the Stage, and whose after Conduct seems rather to have proceeded from fortunate Successes on our Side, than from the Result of Choice and Deliberation.

There are already in America, too many Persons possessing the most important Offices, who at the Commencement of the present Contest, when the Event was doubtful, used every Artifice to destroy that Theater upon which they now appear with so much Safety and Satisfaction. Though this may easily be accounted for, from the Principles which govern the human Heart, yet I confess, I am not able to decide upon the Conduct of those, who have from the earliest Period been high in their Professions, have condemnd the doubting, the timid and the neutral American, and yet use all their Influence to promote those very Persons, in opposition to others who have every Claim, that Principles of Gratitude and Patriotism can inspire to draw their Esteem and Influence. When I discover Conduct like this, I cannot help observing, that it is possible for some Men to possess the best of Principles for the most pernicious Purposes.

That your Excellency may long experience the Gratitude of a brave and generous People, equal to the Merit you have discoverd, both in publick and private Life, is the most fervent Wish of, dear Sir, Your Excellencys most obedient and most humble Servant.

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