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Episode 420: Ohio Leads US Into The Pit

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OH leads to the pitThis weeks elections, sets the tone as Ohio Leads US Into The Pit. The devil is not just in the details but also in the financing of destruction to parental rights. Not only were millions of dollars spent on Ohio elections but Ohio Issue 1 and Issue 2 were not about freedom, they are about making money, reducing population and tyrannical control over those who will not turn a blind eye to evil in general.

Here is a quick reference for you of over $4 billion that o’biden gave to the lgbtq+ promotion of moral decay.

In the References, I have a number of article and reports that discuss the billions of dollars that will be made by the high-priest of medical, political and child slave masters of all the religious sect ‘ism’.

And I told you so in previous programs: Ohio Just the Beginning of Pro-Abortion Activists’ Ballot Measure Crusade as well as repeating it in this program. It will be interesting to see what rabbit the Ohio legislature pulls out of the hat as noted in: Ohio Republican lawmakers promise abortion fight isn’t over.

The sad aspect of this is that people really did not do the research on these issues for themselves and voted based on media hype, emotionalism and lack of moral integrity. I would like you to apply my modernization of a 1784 quote from Sam Adams to Richard Henry Lee regarding the present debacle here in Ohio: Continue reading

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