Episode 429: Criminalizing Business Owners: Interview With Robert Gargasz, Esq. & 70’s Philosophy

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The details of ‘Criminalizing Business Owners: Interview with Robert Gargasz,Criminalizing Business Owners Esq. & 70’s Philosophy’ is a gut wrenching look at the criminalization of every, Every – business owner (with special exemptions of course), officers and key managers in every business (with special exemptions of course) in these United States. In reviewing the exemptions, the BOI (Beneficial Ownership Information) component is targeted at every US small business. The penalties are egregious and the potential that international law enforcement will have full access to you, personally, is made available. All the final rules affecting the implementation of the AMLA went into effect on January 1, 2024. Here is the gist of the bills origin from an article in the references:

‘The Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020 (AMLA 2020) became law on Jan. 1, 2020, when Congress overrode President Donald Trump’s veto of the National Defense Authorization Act. AMLA 2020 is the most consequential anti-money laundering legislation passed by Congress in decades.’

I interview Robert Gargasz, Esq. regarding the key points of the BOI (Beneficial Ownership Information) component of the CTA (Corporate Transparency Act). He has filed a federal lawsuit showing that the final rules and implementation of the BOI is unconstitutional and needs to be struck down. Robert is engaging, passionate about our Liberties and as an officer of the court, acts according to the doctrine of The Lesser Magistrate in his law practice. To get a copy of the lawsuit you can contact Robert at: rjgargasz@gmail.com

As the discussion in the program delves into the penalties of the final rules of the act, remember, that the O’biden administration has called and even designated Constitutionalists, Christians and Patriots, true citizens: enemies of the state, fundamentally domestic terrorists. Thereby giving way for this legislation and final rules to be utilized in unconstitutional ways.

In addition to the interview, the philosophy of a Christian leader, took me a step back into 1976. I had listened to a program on ‘The Public Square (TPS)’ that had me looking at the first prognostication of the ‘Establishment elite’ eighteen years prior to the 1984 book they were discussing. A quote from the book that did stick with me and I referenced often was never truly heeded by the general population:

‘Please repeat the term, “Establishment elite” in your mind until the term is permanently stuck there.’ – Francis Schaeffer

Conclusion First:

Several weeks ago, Robert sent me a copy of his federal lawsuit to look over. Through reading that filing, a couple of weeks ago, I learned about the BOI (Beneficial Ownership Information) component of the CTA (Corporate Transparency Act), which is a part of the NDAA (National Defense Appropriations Act and the Patriot Act), all enforced by FinCEN (the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network). All of those entities and the BOI should cause you to pause with the hair raised behind your neck and on your arms.

I took to researching the details of the lawsuit and with a cursory read of the legislation, the final implementation intent and legal source summaries, it became obvious that this is an attack on individuals who own small businesses, specifically their 4th Amendment and well as the 9th and 10th Amendments rights.

Let me ask you this, where were and are the Secretaries of State and the Attorney Generals of the various states? When you review the exception to the rules, it is clear that those persons of the various legal entities who would have a propensity to fraud and shell games are protected. I would encourage all business owners to contact their state legislators, Attorney General, Secretary of State and federal elected to enlighten them of this travesty.

Granted, I am not an investigative journalist, but I hope someone of that caliber picks this up, therefore this program is an introduction to the insidiousness of the deamoncrat congress of the past as well as those Left Wing elite and Establishment elite who are intent on ‘arbitrary absolutes set by a totalitarian society or state with all the modern means of manipulation under its control.1

Lastly, I introduce you to one of the key elements in the first two chapters of ‘The Church At The End Of The 20th Century.’ Our present, including the travesty of the modern church is well identified in this book.

General Over Reach

Read through the analysis in the references and it becomes quickly evident that this was bad legislation and implementation rules.

I want you to think about the 501(c) entities that are NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) that are engaged in international criminal activity such as facilitating illegal boarder crossings. These entities and leadership individuals are using tax payer funding to commit numerous crimes protected by the Leftist elite and the Establishment elite. Yes, the individuals in these and other shell 501/tax exempt entities are exempt from filing a BOI.

Who else is exempted and protected? Who will investigate? But small business owners are targeted.

Sam Adams Wisdom

A montage of quotes from Sam regarding property.

‘The Framers of our Constitution, while they gave due Attention to Political were not forgetful of Civil Liberty—that personal Freedom and those Rights of Property, which the meanest Citizen is intitled to, and the Security of which is the great End of political Society.‘

‘Power will follow the possession of money, even when it is known that it is not the possessor’s property. So fascinating are riches in the eyes of mankind! Were our financier, I was going to say, even an angel from heaven, I hope he will never have so much influence as to gain the ascendency over congress, which the first lord of the treasury has long had over the parliament of Britain; long enough to effect the ruin of that nation. These are the fears which I expressed in congress when the department was first instituted. I was told, that the breath of congress could annihilate the financier; but I replied, that the time might come, and if they were not careful it certainly would, when even congress would not dare to blow that breath. Whether these fears are the mere creatures of the imagination you will judge.’

‘Among the Numbers of Men, my friend, are to be found not only those who have “preferred ease, slumber, and good chear to liberty”; but others, who have eagerly sought after Thrones, and Sceptres, hereditary shares in Sovereignty Riches, and Splendor, Titles, Stars, Garters, Crosses, Eagles, and many other childish play things, at the expence of real Nobility, without one thought, or care for the liberty, and happiness of the rest of Mankind. “The People, who have no property feel the Power of governing by a majority; and even attack those who have property.” “The injured Men of Property recur to finess, trick, and Stratagem,” to outwit them: True; These may proceed from a Lust of domination in some of both parties. Be this as it may; It has been known, that such deceitful tricks have been practiced by some of the rich upon their unsuspecting fellow Citizens; to turn the determination of Questions, so as to answer their own selfish purposes. To plunder or filch the rights of Men are crimes equally immoral, and nefarious; though committed in a different manner: Neither of them is confined to the Rich, or the Poor; they are too common among both. The Lords as well as the commons of Great Brittain by continued large majorities endeavoured by Finess, Tricks, and Stratagems, as well as threats to prevail on the American Colonies to surrender their Liberty and Property to their disposal.’

‘In the supposed state of nature, all men are equally bound by the laws of nature, or to speak more properly, the laws of the Creator:—They are imprinted by the finger of God on the heart of man. Thou shall do no injury to thy neighbour, is the voice of nature and reason, and it is confirmed by written revelation. In the state of nature, every man hath an equal right by honest means to acquire property, and to enjoy it; in general, to pursue his own happiness, and none can consistently controul or interrupt him in the pursuit.’

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