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Episode 432 – Civil War: Part 2 – Church and State Theological Polity Muddle

See the link for the video of ‘Civil War? Part 2 – Church and State Theological Polity Muddle’ at Rumble or YouTube

With all that is happening at the border and more, I delve into the present rumblings of Civl War – Part 2 – Church and State Theological Polity Muddle. I finish with Mayhew, who discusses what civil warCivil War would do to the nation. Remember that the Colonies were part of the nation of Great Britain. The American Revolution was actually a Civil War. Consider Reference #1 by John Kudla below.Mayhew does delve into what it is to ultimately understand God given Rights and act accordingly to preserve them?

Our Citizenry, for the most part, have no realistic clue as to the fundamentals of God given Rights. Those bellowing and blowing in the wind are humanistic statists, on the ‘left’ and ‘right’. Therefore they view Rights relativistically, having no moral order from the existence of a Biblical God who is active in His creation. Therefore, unlike the Citizens during the founding era, indigenous (the Webster 1828 definition) US Citizens are not prepared for Civil War or even defending the Republic from political enemies and those now here from the border invasion (read This Weeks News Articles Resources #2.)

Mayhew establishes the ‘Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate’ in how the Stamp Act was addressed. What does that mean for us when the Citizenry and those serving in any level of government activities have zero to limited comprehension of how to apply this foundational truth?

Ezra Stiles opened his sermon, which we will discuss next week, with:

These events have been so ordered as to become a display of retribution and sovereignty; for, while the good and evil hitherto felt by this people have been dispensed in the way of exact national retribution, their ultimate glory and honor will be of the divine sovereignty, with a “Not for your sakes do I this, saith the Lord, be it known unto you, but for mine holy name’s sake.”

What Stiles preached is very true even for our present situations. Continue reading

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Episode 431: Church and State Theological Polity Muddle

Church and State Theological Polity Muddle

– Mayhew, Stiles and Schaeffer

See the link for the video of ‘Church and State Theological Polity Muddle’ at Rumble or YouTube

How is the history of 1766, 1783 and 1976 tied to the ‘Church and State Theological Polity Muddle’ of our present day? To get the perspective I delve into the 1766 Sermon by Johnathan Mayhew, the 1783 Sermon by Ezra Stiles and a 1976 book from Francis Schaeffer.

My marked and commented Mayhew sermon.

I want to be clear that I was researching this effort to educate on this topic longer than the present evangelical controversy that is playing out across the web-sphere. Although, the relevance of our present age is not new when it comes to how mankind addresses culture, government, politics and church polity; the root of how truth is treated is centered at how a culture, a nation or the church view the absolute sovereignty of God.

This week I introduce us to the ‘Repeal of the Stamp Act’ as delivered by Rev. Jonathan Mayhew. We will only get into the very first part of the historic colonial view as Mayhew relates it. In this, I interject the same inferences of injustice, influencers of government decisions and the responses of the Colonists. I also mention the intersection of Ezra Stiles and Francis Schaeffer as part of a trifecta that sets the stage for our present dilemmas.

Opening Comments

If you don’t understand what is happening in the United States Evangelical churches at present you can go to the references for what I believe is one of the best explanations and considerations of situation. This is a church theological polity muddle. Yet, there were similar jumbles, mishmash and confusion brought on by the Tory pastors during the whole of the Colonial Founding Era. Interestingly, Sam Adams addresses some of that confusion in a series of Articles.

In this podcast / vlog, I introduce quotes from Francis Schaeffer and Ezra Stiles that help set some of the tone for the connection between Mayhew’s sermon, the past and to the present lessened about fifty years. Continue reading

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Episode 429: Criminalizing Business Owners: Interview With Robert Gargasz, Esq. & 70’s Philosophy

See the link for the video of ‘Criminalizing Business Owners: Interview With Robert Gargasz, Esq. & 70’s Philosophy’ at Rumble or YouTube

The details of ‘Criminalizing Business Owners: Interview with Robert Gargasz,Criminalizing Business Owners Esq. & 70’s Philosophy’ is a gut wrenching look at the criminalization of every, Every – business owner (with special exemptions of course), officers and key managers in every business (with special exemptions of course) in these United States. In reviewing the exemptions, the BOI (Beneficial Ownership Information) component is targeted at every US small business. The penalties are egregious and the potential that international law enforcement will have full access to you, personally, is made available. All the final rules affecting the implementation of the AMLA went into effect on January 1, 2024. Here is the gist of the bills origin from an article in the references:

‘The Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020 (AMLA 2020) became law on Jan. 1, 2020, when Congress overrode President Donald Trump’s veto of the National Defense Authorization Act. AMLA 2020 is the most consequential anti-money laundering legislation passed by Congress in decades.’

I interview Robert Gargasz, Esq. regarding the key points of the BOI (Beneficial Ownership Information) component of the CTA (Corporate Transparency Act). He has filed a federal lawsuit showing that the final rules and implementation of the BOI is unconstitutional and needs to be struck down. Robert is engaging, passionate about our Liberties and as an officer of the court, acts according to the doctrine of The Lesser Magistrate in his law practice. To get a copy of the lawsuit you can contact Robert at: rjgargasz@gmail.com

As the discussion in the program delves into the penalties of the final rules of the act, remember, that the O’biden administration has called and even designated Constitutionalists, Christians and Patriots, true citizens: enemies of the state, fundamentally domestic terrorists. Thereby giving way for this legislation and final rules to be utilized in unconstitutional ways.

In addition to the interview, the philosophy of a Christian leader, took me a step back into 1976. I had listened to a program on ‘The Public Square (TPS)’ that had me looking at the first prognostication of the ‘Establishment elite’ eighteen years prior to the 1984 book they were discussing. A quote from the book that did stick with me and I referenced often was never truly heeded by the general population:

‘Please repeat the term, “Establishment elite” in your mind until the term is permanently stuck there.’ – Francis Schaeffer

Conclusion First:

Continue reading

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5-5-18 Melanie Phillips, Dr Schaeffer, Arts of Confederation

Melanie Phillips was at Parkside church this past Monday, 4-30. Forgive me in advance if I don’t pronounce her first name properly. He presentation on Culture and the issues of the day was exceptional. I confess that other than being minus the ultimate resolution of the Gospel for these times, her presentation reminded me of reading Abraham Kuyper or hearing Dr. Francis Schaeffer. Yup, There is Nothing New Under the Sun. See the link to her presentation in the resources section.

The question continues regarding Founders Original Intent for governance and how does it apply to our up coming Primary Elections on May 8? The culture issues that Ms. Phillips speaks in Great Britain are taking on steam in the US. We must resist and fight the evils with Truth, History and yes – Full Biblical Reformation teaching within and outside the churches.

I finish up today with the Articles I and II of the ‘The Article of Confederation’ and some points from Melancton Smith regarding the Senate.

With that, As always, remember: The Founders wanted us to gain knowledge and get involved! Being a Citizen is an Active involvement in our political life!  Let’s get our feet on the street for this time is critical!


For today’s program:                                                                 

  1. Melanie Phillips at Parkside church 4-30-18
  2. Articles of Confederation
  3. Melancton Smith – June 25, 1788 regarding the Senate (Correction: NY debate not Massachusetts)
  4. Kuyper on Islam
  5. Kuyper lectures at Princeton
  6. Schaeffer – How Should We Than Live? (There are 10 Episodes)
  7. New Book: ‘From Covenant To The Present Constitution’ More about it and Free look at Author’s Notes & Introduction. Get your copy at Amazon or at The Book Patch For a signed copy contact me at tom@samueladamsreturns.com Seminars beginning in June.

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