Episode 433: Nationalism – Part 3: Church and State Theological Polity Muddle – Ezra Stiles

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This week in Nationalism – Part 3: Church and State Theological Polity Muddle, Ezra Stiles gives us details of foundational Nationalism, I might add Christian to the to that. Stiles gives a deep study regarding national and international history that most have never heard.Nationalism

Yes, nations are judged as we are in this present time. Stiles lays this out with clear understanding.

Through Stiles we will cover the plight of the illegals rapacious flooding of our borders with historical context of enslaved people moving from one set of masters to another. In this 1783 sermon, I also cover the very tip of the iceberg for the Biblical foundation of ‘Just War Theory / Theology.’

And for this week, I am only covering the first twenty pages of the fifty-three page sermon. Therefore, I will be ending where it really begins to highlight A Nation elevated to Glory and Honor.

I have to speedily take you into all that Stiles introduced in these first twenty pages. There is historical significance you will not get anywhere else, and yes, pastors never get this unless they have a heart and mind to understand the full extensibility of God’s sovereignty.

Opening Comments

A quote from the sermon for you to chew on and then a bit of a bio on Rev. Ezra Stiles.

But after the spirit of conquest had changed the first governments, all the succeeding ones have, in general, proved one continued series of injustice, which has reigned in all countries for almost four thousand years. These have so changed property, laws, rights, and liberties, that it has become impossible for the most sagacious civilians to decide whose is the abstract political right in national controversies; rather, we know that none of them have any right. All original right is confounded and lost. We can only say that there still remains in the body of the people at large – the body of mankind, of any and every generation – a power, with which they are invested by the Author of their being, to wrest government out of the hands of reigning tyrants, and originate new policies, adapted to the conservation of liberty, and promoting the public welfare.

A bit of a bio on Rev. Stiles:

PRESIDENT STILES was one of the most learned and high-minded men of his time. He was familiar with the lore of the Hebrew and Christian Church. He conversed and corresponded in Hebrew, Latin, and French, with facility, and was learned in the Oriental literature and antiquities connected with Biblical history. He taught in astronomy, chemistry, and philosophy. He and his friend Dr. Franklin were among the earliest statisticians in America, and his studies in this science exhibit the most comprehensive and enlightened views. That he was a thorough antiquary is manifest in his history of the Three Tyrannicides, and that he was a true son of New England appears in his saying that the day of the “martyrdom” of King Charles I. “ought to be celebrated as an anniversary thanksgiving that one nation on earth had so much fortitude and public justice as to make a royal tyrant bow to the sovereignty of the people.”

By an extensive foreign correspondence he kept up with the progress of knowledge and discovery, to which he himself contributed. That he was a zealous and an understanding friend of civil and religious liberty, a man of practical knowledge and observation, a sagacious student of men and things, is apparent in his discourse on “Christian Union,” 1760, as well as in this remarkable sermon of 1783, on the “United States elevated to Glory and Honor.” Chancellor Kent said, at the Commencement at Yale College, in 1831: “President Stiles’ zeal for civil and religious liberty was kindled at the altar of the English and New England Puritans, and it was animating and vivid. A more constant and devoted friend to the Revolution and independence of this country never existed. Take him for all in all, this extraordinary man was undoubtedly one of the purest and best gifted men of his age. Though he was uncompromising in his belief and vindication of the Protestant faith, he was nevertheless of the most charitable and catholic [tolerant] temper, resulting equally from the benevolence of his disposition and the spirit of the gospel.”

Sam Adams Wisdom

Defers to Stiles’ sermon.

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1. Ezra Stiles, The United States Elevated to Glory and Honor (1783) – Belcher Foundation

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