Episode 392: J6 Or Bonus Army, Senate Bombing and Financial Sector Bomb Shells

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This week comparing the activities of J6 or Bonus Army, the SenateJ6 or Bonus Army Bombing and the Financial Sector Bomb shells – January 6th, 2020 was NO insurrection. We will consider the Senate Bombing as the more direct attack and I give you a link to other attacks in at the Capital where Congressmen were shot in the Chambers. More so, this week, the Financial sector bomb shells of 2008 and ‘cluster bombs’ of the present financial debacle are the greater attacks on the Citizens Liberty.

The present banking crashes are results of a centralized fractional banking system. This type of banking and monetary system was not what the Founders intended. More on this on the program and in the References.

Riddle in History Considering J6

Consider this deeply researched article: The Parliamentary Motive Behind the J6 Fedsurrection, March 12, 2023

While we are at it – Here’s one from history for you:

‘February 13, 1861

A mob tried to break into the Capitol to disrupt the electoral vote count following the 1860 United States presidential election. Capitol security blocked their entry because they lacked proper credentials. Instead, the mob stood outside yelling insults at General Winfield Scott who headed the Capitol’s security force. The mob’s epithets included “Free state pimp!”, “Old dotard!” and “Traitor to the state of his birth!” (Scott had been born in Virginia). Contemporaneous accounts described the crowd as “a caldron of inflammable material” intent upon “revolution”.1

Now, just a bit more history.

Bonus Army,

I’ve spoken of this in the past relative to January 6th Not the Primary Insurrection. There are more in the References. The important aspect of this is that the military attacked the Citizens. This was an aggressive, unauthorized actions by then Army Chief of Staff General Douglas MacArthur commanded a contingent of infantry and cavalry, supported by six tanks. The Bonus Army marchers with their wives and children were driven out, and their shelters and belongings burned. President Hoover ordered the camp cleared, not decimated.

Like Ashley Babbitt, Two veterans were killed in the 1932 police actions:

‘When the veterans rioted, an officer (George Shinault) drew his revolver and shot at the veterans, two of whom, William Hushka and Eric Carlson, died later.

William Hushka (1895–1932) was an immigrant to the United States from Lithuania. When the US entered World War I in 1917, he sold his butcher shop in St. Louis, and joined the army. After the war, he lived in Chicago. He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery a week after being shot and killed by police.

Eric Carlson (1894–1932) was a veteran from Oakland, California, who fought in the trenches of France in World War I. He was interred in Arlington National Cemetery.

During a previous riot, the Commissioners asked the White House for federal troops. Hoover passed the request to Secretary of War Patrick J. Hurley, who told MacArthur to take action to disperse the protesters. Towards the late afternoon, cavalry, infantry, tanks and machine guns pushed the “Bonusers” out of Washington.’ – See References #1

Senate Bombing

Remember again, that there has been a lot of attacks on the Capital. See ‘Timeline of violent incidents at the United States Capitol.’ What is most infuriating, is that the Bill Clinton freed the 1983 bombers of the Senate Building. Check out that year in the linked article. Oh and make sure you look at 1954 and 1971 too.

Fiat Financial System and Bailout Gibberish

All the yellow bricks are not gold but do lead to China. I am not even getting into the mess that Corporatism has put us in. I covered a good smacking of that in program Episode 321, Episode 340 and Episode 343.

The fiat financial system and its theft of Citizens property allowed for the fueling of Silicon Valley Banks (SVB) China funded startups:

When China was still new to venture capital in the late 1990s, SVB was among the first financial institutions to start serving the country’s startups, while traditional, risk-averse banks avoided them. Over time, the bank has become a popular option for China-based startups fundraising in USD as well as some China-focused USD venture capital firms.’

So when you look at the SVB page on China, remember that Bill Clinton as President of the US was giving all sort of secrets to China… Hmm, and another source of financing too.

Lastly for now, remember Senator Biden’s words of July 18, 2000 during the hearing on ‘Giving Permanent Normal Trade Relations Status To Communist China: National Security And Diplomatic, Human Rights, Labor, Trade, And Economic Implications:’

‘.. I, for one, am quite ready to adjoin this issue. And I am frustrated that we are not doing that on the floor of the Senate.

Looked at one way, granting permanent normal trade relations to China has little to do with our national security. PNTR for China does not lift any sanctions on China. It does not increase their access to controlled U.S. technology. It does not increase their access to our markets. And that is because the U.S. already grants China normal trade status on an annual basis. And we have done that every year since 1979.

Granting permanent normal trade relations to China is all about opening their markets to U.S. goods and investment from my perspective. And trade concessions are all one-way in this deal.’

Sam Adams Wisdom


[MS., Office of the City Clerk of Boston ; a modified text is given in Boston Record Commissioners Report, vol. 16, pp. 155, 156; a text, as supplied by William Cooper, Town Clerk, was printed in the Boston Gazette, September 23, 1765-]

‘…And in the late War more especially, by their surprizing Exertions, they have brought upon themselves, a Debt almost insupportable: And we are well assured, that if these expensive Services, for which very little if any Advantage hath ever accrued to themselves, together with the necessary Charge of supporting & defending his Majesty’s Government here, had been duly estimated, The Moneys designed to be drawn from us by this Act, would have appeared greatly beyond our Proportion.

We look upon it as a peciiliar hardship, that when the Representative Body of this Province, had preßpard & sent forward, a decent Remonstrance against these Proceedings, while they were depending in the House of Commons, it failed of Admittance there: And this we esteem the more extraordinary, inasmuch as, being unrepresented, it was the only Method whereby they could make known, their Objections to Measures, in the Event of which their Constituents were to be so deeply interested.

Moreover this Act, if carried into Execution, will become a further Grievance to us, as it will afford a Precedent for the Parliament to tax us, in all future Time, & in all such Ways & Measures, as they shall judge meet without our consent.

We therefore think it our indispensible Duty, in Justice to our Selves & Posterity, as it is our undoubted Privilege, in the most open & unreservd, but decent & respectfull Terms, to declare our greatest Dissatisfaction with this Law: And we think it incumbent upon you by no means to joyn in any publick Measures for countenancing & assisting in the Execution of the same; But to use your best Endeavors in the General Assembly, to have the inherent, unalienable Rights of the People of this Province, assented & vindicated & left upon the publick Records; that Posterity may never have Reason to charge the present Times, with the Guilt of tamely giving them away.’

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