Episode 391: Federal Register, Immigration, Government Corporations and GAO-J6

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This week I take you down the rabbit hole of government wonderland1 with the Federal Register to meet at the Pool of Tears with the March 27th rule/regulation on immigration. Then there is theFederal Register Caucus Race of Government Corporations where the Citizenry does loose. Finally we have the Mad Hatter GAO attempting answers regarding the riddle of January 6th, while the Queen of the left and the RINOs are in chorus – demanding the beheading of all who view reality.

Some believe that Lewis Carrol was on drugs when he wrote Alice In Wonderland but the facts of his life prove otherwise. So to it would seem that the bureaucratic state is some fantasy of Alice in Wonderland or the scifi the Matrix. Yet, it is what I have spoken of for year, the foresight and of prophetic reality from the Anti-federalists.

More than their political insights regarding the implementation of the 1787 Constitution, their commentaries were steeped in the sinful nature of humanity. They fully knew that ‘designing men,’ would deconstruct the Liberties fought for during the War of Independence.

Sam Adams wrote this in 1771:

‘If the liberties of America are ever compleatly ruined, of which in my opinion there is now the utmost danger, it will in all probability be the consequence of a mistaken notion of prudence, which leads men to acquiesce in measures of the most destructive tendency for the sake of present ease…’

See the References to follow the rabbit trail and through the looking glass.

Over Regulated, Immigration Gibberish and more

Buckle up as my exuberance is well manifested during this program. I am taking you into more than what Alice experience in Wonderland. I am taking you into ‘The Machine’ of the ‘Matrix.’

Lest We Forget Blackstone on Property

1765Commentaries 1:134–35, 140–41 (my emphasis in bold)

‘III. The third absolute right, inherent in every Englishman, is that of property: which consists in the free use, enjoyment, and disposal of all his acquisitions, without any control or diminution, save only by the laws of the land. The original of private property is probably founded in nature, as will be more fully explained in the second book of the ensuing commentaries: but certainly the modifications under which we at present find it, the method of conserving it in the present owner, and of translating it from man to man, are entirely derived from society; and are some of those civil advantages, in exchange for which every individual has resigned a part of his natural liberty…

‘In these several articles consist the rights, or, as they are frequently termed, the liberties of Englishmen: liberties more generally talked of, than thoroughly understood; and yet highly necessary to be perfectly known and considered by every man of rank or property, lest his ignorance of the points whereon it is founded should hurry him into faction and licentiousness on the one hand, or a pusillanimous2 indifference and criminal submission on the other. And we have seen that these rights consist, primarily, in the free enjoyment of personal security, of personal liberty, and of private property. So long as these remain inviolate, the subject is perfectly free; for every species of compulsive tyranny and oppression must act in opposition to one or other of these rights, having no other object upon which it can possibly be employed. To preserve these from violation, it is necessary that the constitution of parliaments be supported in it’s full vigor; and limits certainly known, be set to the royal prerogative. And, lastly, to vindicate these rights, when actually violated or attacked, the subjects of England are entitled, in the first place, to the regular administration and free course of justice in the courts of law; next to the right of petitioning the king and parliament for redress of grievances; and lastly to the right of having and using arms for self-preservation and defense. And all these rights and liberties it is our birthright to enjoy entire; unless where the laws of our country have laid them under necessary restraints. Restraints in themselves so gentle and moderate, as will appear upon farther enquiry, that no man of sense or probity would wish to see them slackened. For all of us have it in our choice to do every thing that a good man would desire to do; and are restrained from nothing, but what would be pernicious either to ourselves or our fellow citizens. So that this review of our situation may fully justify the observation of a learned French author, who indeed generally both thought and wrote in the spirit of genuine freedom; and who hath not scrupled to profess, even in the very bosom of his native country, that the English is the only nation in the world, where political or civil liberty is the direct end of it’s constitution. Recommending therefore to the student in our laws a farther and more accurate search into this extensive and important title, I shall close my remarks upon it with the expiring wish of the famous father Paul to his country, “Esto perpetua!”

Sam Adams Wisdom


[Boston Gazette, December 9, 1771.]


“Whene’er from putrid Courts foul Vapours rose,

with vigorous wholesome Gales

The Winds of OPPOSITION fiercely blew,

Which purg’d and clear’d the agitated State”

If the liberties of America are ever compleatly ruined, of which in my opinion there is now the utmost danger, it will in all probability be the consequence of a mistaken notion of prudence, which leads men to acquiesce in measures of the most destructive tendency for the sake of present ease. When designs are form’d to rase the very foundation of a free government, those few who are to erect their grandeur and fortunes upon the general ruin, will employ every art to sooth the devoted people into a state of indolence, inattention and security, which is forever the fore-runner of slavery – They are alarmed at nothing so much, as attempts to awaken the people to jealousy and watchfulness; and it has been an old game played over and over again, to hold up the men who would rouse their fellow citizens and countrymen to a sense of their real danger, and spirit them to the most zealous activity in the use of all proper means for the preservation of the public liberty, as “pretended patriots,” “intemperate politicians,” rash, hot-headed men, Incendiaries, wretched desperadoes, who, as was said of the best of men, would turn the world upside down, or have done it already. – But he must have a small share of fortitude indeed, who is put out of countenance by hard speeches without sense and meaning, or affrighted from the path of duty by the rude language of Billingsgate – For my own part, I smile contemptuously at such unmanly efforts: I would be glad to hear the reasoning of Chronus, if he has a capacity for it; but I disregard his railing as I would the barking of a “Cur dog“.’

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