May 7, 2020 National Day of Prayer

May 7, 2020 National Day of Prayer

I was challenged this day by an Eric Metaxes program which had Pat Boone on it. The end of a program was a challenge. I took it as one. In all that is happening politically, culturally and economically, we have not done enough of what our Founders did. That is to have ‘proclamations of necessary days of prayer and fasting.’

I went back through the writing of Sam Adams and found him doing so in the Colony of Massachusetts as well as the Continental Congress and as Lt. or Governor of Massachusetts. More so, I was deeply challenged by the short bio of Dr. George Duffield. When the Tory magistrate and leaders locked the doors to his preaching, he was helped through a window to go open those doors so all could enter and her God’s Word.

Politics, economy and culture are components of God’s creation for mankind. None of it can satisfy the thirst for true Liberty. Nor can Liberty be preserved without God! Many of my Patriot friends across this nation will rally on Saturday. My greater hope and prayer is that they go to their public square Today and Pray.

My prayer is inadequate and I am not a person of elocution when it comes to a most solemn and needed time as this Day of Prayer. 

Come together as God’s People and Pray.

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