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Episode 330 John Humble Anew, Federal Coercion – Political Theology

John Humble Anew 

Government Coercion

Of, By and For the People is Now Government Of, By and For the Elite Over the People.

John Humble wrote an Anti-federalist letter October 29, 1787. In the first segment of this weeks program I am reading the following modernized version of the letter. You can find the original on page 96 of the downloadable ‘The Anti-Federalist Papers Special Edition.’

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Modernized “JOHN HUMBLE’s” the original piece was published in the Independent Gazetteer, October 29, 1787.

Concerning The Use of Coercion by the New Government. The original is satire at its best.

The humble address of the low-born of the United States of America, to their fellow slaves scattered throughout the world-greeting:

Whereas it hath been represented unto us that a most dreadful disease hath for these two hundred and thirty-four years last past infected, preyed upon and almost ruined the government and people of this our country; and of this malady we ourselves have had perfect demonstration, not mentally, but bodily, through every one of the five senses. Continue reading

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Episode 329: Constitution Null – Political Theology

Constitution Null  Constitution Null

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Is it shocking that I say the Constitution Null? In the first instance of Webster’s 1828 Dictionary the definition is ‘To annul; to deprive of validity; to destroy.’ Modern online dictionaries define null as ‘having no legal or binding force; invalid.’ What is happening with the modern bureaucracies at all levels is that the Constitution has no ‘binding force.’ Even the Courts act by their political theology and not by the original intent concept of Constitutionalism.

There are two clear points that I am talking about on this weeks program as I close the year dealing with Political Theology. Just a reminder of the definition of political theology: ‘is often used to denote religious thought about political principled questions.’ as well as ‘used in discussion of the ways in which theological concepts or ways of thinking relate to politics.’ the quotes from Wikipedia contributors, “Political theology,” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Political_theology&oldid=1047705690 (accessed December 2, 2021).

I know, here I go again on the Political Theology highway. Well if you have not figured it out, politics is now more theology than any of the blabber from talking heads, Phd’s, bureaucrats or so called politicians and political experts. More important is that all those who I mentioned are taking their theological positions and communicating them into every aspect of society and doing it every day. They are living their religions out in the open and making policy based on their beliefs. Continue reading

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