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Episode 434: From Commerce to The Christian Republic – Part 4 – Ezra Stiles

See the link for the video of ‘From Commerce to The Christian Republic – Part 4: Church and State Theological Polity Muddle’ at Rumble or YouTube 

This week in From Commerce to The Christian Republic, Ezra Stiles gives us details ofPart 4 foundational government, government lead by idolaters, deist or Christians. I finish off this part of ‘Church and State Theological Polity Muddle, by ending Dr. Stiles sermon in which he gives a deep study regarding international history and the great potential positive effects of the full extensibility of Christianity in every aspect of governance. Most Christians or pastors have never heard of any of this.

I am opening this program with a question form a listener and Board Member regarding the third Segment of Episode 429. As it turns out, this is a perfect segue into this weeks program regarding the second section that Stiles is emphasizing, The Christian Republic. Yes, this sermon is a detailed account of American and international history regarding what we now hear as ‘Christian Nationalism.’

Before I get into the opening, It is most important that you hear from the Editor of ‘Pulpits Of The Revolution.’ Dr. Thornton, in his 1876 Preface states:

THE true alliance between Politics and Religion is the lesson inculcated in this volume of Sermons, and apparent in its title, “THE PULPIT OF THE REVOLUTION.” It is the voice of the Fathers of the Republic, enforced by their example. They invoked God in their civil assemblies, called upon their chosen teachers of religion for counsel from the Bible, and recognized its precepts as the law of their public conduct. The Fathers did not divorce politics and religion, but they denounced the separation as ungodly. They prepared for the struggle, and went into battle, not as soldiers of fortune, but, like Cromwell and the soldiers of the Commonwealth, with the Word of God in their hearts, and trusting in him. This was the secret of that moral energy which sustained the Republic in its material weakness against superior numbers, and discipline, and all the power of England. To these Sermons – the responses from the Pulpit – the State affixed its imprimatur, and thus they were handed down to future generations with a two-fold claim to respect.

Therefore, in our Founding Era Christian principled leadership prevailed. Now, at best, deist humanism prevails, even with the Evangelicals in politics, bureaucracies, judiciary and business.

I wonder, how many pulpits are really full of deist1 masquerading as Evangelicals? Worse, for the most part, modern pulpits are not even a clouded remote reflection of the comments by Dr. Thornton regarding ‘The Pulpit Of The Revolution.

Opening ‘Comments

Continuing with the Referenced Sermon pdf, starting on page 19 and then after detailing the economic value, growth and abilities of the newly formed States, Stiles goes on to give great homage to George Washington and other foundational leaders, including Samuel Adams. He even gives details on American inventions and inventors.

Then, as Dr. Stiles moves into Section II of the sermon, he sets the presupposition for the best form of government, that is even beneficial for secularists. He knows the unregenerate human heart and mind in governing as with: Continue reading

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