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1-21-17 Kozak, Obama And Cato IV

On Samuel Adams Returns – The Anti-federalists Got It Right: Kozak, Obama And Cato IV

With the Inauguration of the new President; we hear the cheers of the True DNA of Patriotism and the calculated attacks of the Kozak, Gramsci planners. Let US Patriotism stay strong as we look into the divisive intent of those that would subjugate a Constitutional Republic.

Considering the Kozak plan and methodologies adopted by the demoncrats, and the imperial presidency predicted by the Anti-federalists; I am talking about how early Founders manipulated language to influence the population no different then those that use the Hegelian Dialectic in the present. Yes! The so-called ‘Federalists’ stole the word to fool the population!

Cato IV is one of our key resources in our conversation today. The prediction of what could happen within the presidency.

In discussing the Kozak plan, I cover the demoncrats that refused to attend the Inauguration of President Trump! Continue reading

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