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Episode 316: False Flags and Raging Bulls

False Flags and Raging Bulls  False Flag and Raging Bulls

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False Flags and Raging Bulls are at every turn in the political and ecclesiastical road. With all the false media, government claims of insurrection and pundits yelping all over the air waves and digital platforms, I’m reminded of the Spanish bull bloody and weak from banderillas snorting with fierceness in the eyes but slow to respond to the reality before it. False Flags are the banderillas that the afore-mentioned piercing deep into the psyche of many Evangelicals and unwitting so called ‘patriots.’

With shoulders bleeding by over-burdened media noise, government mandates and wokeness everywhere, Patriots who are reactionary become the Raging Bulls weakened for the slaughter. How can this be stopped many have asked me?

Just a quick note: Look around and you will see people going crazy again by buying the shelves bare at the stores…. Why? And the stores cannot resupply… Why?

Don’t take the bait.Continue reading

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10-10-2020 Mental Health and Bureaucratic Demiurge

Mental Health and Bureaucratic Demiurge  Mental Health and Bureaucratic Demiurge

Mental Health and Bureaucratic Demiurge1 is rampant as proven by the fear instilled through the ChicomFlu mania. I am bringing this program very close to home by referencing the County Board I am on as well as generalizing about Ohio’s bureaucracies. Be aware that this discussion has validity in other States because every level of government is inundated with career bureaucrats. If we honestly do an assessment, the prediction of the Anti-federalists regarding the growth and bloating of bureaucracies as a detriment to Liberty is before US.

Keeping it simple:

In the simplest terms, most local and state boards/bureaucracies do not have clear accountability to the citizenry and most often, the bureaucrats in charge do not hold agencies serving the bureaucracies accountable. Instead the bureaucrats in charge find every means and mechanisms to garner more tax payer dollars to feed the agencies serving their so called legislative mandates. The legacy goal of the bureaucrat is to amass stockpiles of grants and other tax dollars via local, state and federal systems to feed the agencies who are ‘tax exempt corporations.’

This is systemic empire building across all legislative administrative boards at the state, county and local levels. The quest: How to legally hoard Citizens taxes and neglect to hold those using the taxes accountable. Of course, the bureaucrats will loudly proclaim that they are just ensuring that they are following the law and guaranteeing that services to the public are being properly taken care of. Continue reading

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