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8-22-18 Local Levies plus Political Theology and International Law

Early voting (Absentee Voting) in Ohio begins in two week. We have critical issues on the ballot of which Local Levies are the most impacting to every property owner. I Unaffordability of Local Levieshave been a member of a nine county Tax Working Group since the end of May. This program will ultimately focus on “YOU” taxing yourself to the potential of eviction. Where I live we are seeing more people, especially those on fixed incomes, having to sell their homes and property because the property taxes are forcing them to do so. This is a National Epidemic that only a Citizen can address.

The Links to Self-inflicted Eviction and Part 3 of the article I wrote for the Geauga County TEA Party Newsletter are in the References for you to get the details on this issue. Most is particular to Geauga County Ohio but the concept of “inside and outside” millage is the same everywhere. Continue reading

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6-9-18 The Evangelical Conundrum Explained by Samuel Adams

Evangelicals are confused as they deal with the difficult question regarding participation in governance especially when looking at the national government. This conundrum is not new! Sam Adams had to deal with it during debates in the 1776 Continental Congress and the media.

Imagine that – Contrarian positions appearing in the media and of a religious/denominational nature. Sam Adams responds to the Quakers who want to submit to the King. They held a ‘convention’ from which came a declaration abhorring Paine’s “Common Sense” and any such writings let alone separating from Great Britain. The Quakers argued a position of Divine Providence that attempted to convince readers that it was ‘against God’ that the Colonial uprising was taking a position in the idea of separation from Great Britain.

Samuel Adams gave a greater and stronger public media response that discussed Gods actions in history with Biblical soundness.

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12-2-17 If I Had A Pulpit

If I had a pulpit I would most likely bore my congregation because I would ‘inculcate’ them with this one sermon that I talk about on this program. I would press on this sermon until I was fully satisfied that each person clearly understood the ramifications of every paragraph, principle and call to action.

On this program, I don’t read every aspect of the sermon since I give you the reference to it below but I do expect you to read it. Hmm, maybe I’ll do a separate vid to put up on YouTube that is my rendition and modernization of this sermon. I think you may be getting that I find this sermon by Samuel Langdon in 1788.

Well, I figure that If I had a Pulpit and what I feel compelled to speak from it, I guarantee you that I would have a massive congregation of ——- One. I pray that real pastors, ministers and church leaders get their theology more in tune with this message delivered by Samuel Langdon.

As always, remember: The Founders wanted us to gain knowledge and get involved! Being a Citizen is an Active involvement in our political life!  Let’s get our feet on the street for this time is critical!

Join me on Saturday’s program to value the Founders perspective of the mirrors of history and the reality of the present.


And because you keep asking!


The video of today’s program will be the SamuelAdamsReturns channel and you can subscribe to the YouTube Channel Here.

For today’s program:

  2. Doctrine of The Lesser Magistrate
  3. Yes, And even more important as you look at what happened in the Republican held House: At the Samuel Adams Returns web site: “Not All Conservatives Are ConstitutionalistsOr on Amazon: Paperback or the eBook And now at Barnes & Nobles too.

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