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The Present Civil War and Back to 2019

The Present Civil War 

45 Goal Completed

Source: Fiscal Ranger

The present Civil War is more inflamed with actual battle engagements and not just the runaway skirmishes that conservatives and repudicans have dabbled in over the last eighty years.

This week, travels still take president and the podcast/vblog are from 5-11-19 Anti-federalists Prediction – Present Civil War is on deck for this epicode. As I look back at this program, my view is that no one was really thinking that the skirmishes would become an all out slaughter in the so called culture and political battlefields. Sadly, there have been a number of us that do not wear tinfoil hats that have been following the lead of the Anti-federalists by predicting the breaching of the walls of Constitutionalism. We are in fact fully engaged in the greatest firefight since the opening salvos at Lexington and Concord. Continue reading

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