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Emasculate The Anti-jab Resisters Into Isolation

Anti-jab Resisters

Anti-jab Resisters is a strange topic for Christmas day but I know few to none will be listening to the program therefore, I did my Christmas program last week. Find it here.

Yet before we move on to the update of this program, which for the audio and video portion is a recap of the December 26, 2020 program, I wanted to followup on a key point from last weeks program. That being, as Donald Trump mentioned this Sunday in Dallas during his Christmas address, Our country needs a savior and that is Jesus.

Political Theology is politics in action. Who is your Savior will determine personal outcomes as well as national. I want to open with these verses from Isaiah 66 that motivate me by knowing who is ultimately over all things and that the hard core promoters of the ‘plandemic,’ vaccine and other scary stuff this time of year (again) are having their delusion chosen for them, as well as their fears will be brought on them who do not know who is on the throne. Continue reading

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12-26-20 Emasculate Them Into Isolation

Into Isolation  Emasculate_Into_Isolation

To Emasculate Them Into Isolation is a difficult topic to have the general public reason with since a large number, if not a majority, of Americans are captivated in the cutting crippling powers of quarantine. In the program discussion, I use the term generally and not just in respect to men. Yet, it strongly applies to men in our times since in the Founding era they talked about ‘manliness and acting as a man’ in respect to family, politics and Christianity.

A few quotes from Sam Adams in the Second Volume (1770 – 1773) of his writings:

…”at the same time that they speak with a manly Freedom”

“Such a Zeal temperd with a manly Prudence will render you respectable in political Circles of Men of Sense.”

“A firm and manly opposition to the attempts that have been made, and are still making, to enslave and ruin this continent, has always been branded by writers of this stamp, with the name of a FACTION.”

Continue reading

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5-30-20 Political Theology: Unmasking and Richard Baxter

Political Theology: Unmasking and Richard Baxter

This week we are returning to my theme of Political Theology. In particular the Unmasking of masking in relationship to Richard Baxter.

For those of you who do not know Richard Baxter, he was one of the key 17th Century Puritan church leaders. Now many pastors out there like Baxter because he is known as ‘a Pastors – Pastor.’ He has a lot to say about what that means in relationship to congregational leadership and development but… What they ignore is that he was a standard barer for Liberty and what moderns have come to term in a nasty way – Theonomy or a 17th Century variation of it. Continue reading

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3-16-19 Social Justice – Washington Policy – Global church

Introduction: Social Justice = Idolaty

In this program regarding: Social Justice – Washington Policy – Global church: Two issues tie together and one is a continuation of past programs. I’m looking at tying the Social Justice and Global church together in two separate segments. I really want to emphasize the connection regrading the international policy statements of George Washington’s Farewell Address and what President Trump is doing. When one looks at the comparisons it is very interesting how there is alignment.

Social Justice:

Sadly Social Justice has hit and is a dividing issue in the churches across the US and the world. Worse, many pastors use the New Testament teaching of Jesus to justify their tolerance and acceptance of it. Well, they are Wrong! Continue reading

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2-3-18 Federalists # 39 – republicanism

The Neo-cons, the demoncrats, the Fox pundits, university professors and even elected persons call US a democracy. Well, We Are NOT! I am continuing from last week with the conversation from Madison as to what form of Government we are. The Framers looked at democracy even representative democracy and flat out rejected it!

Just to say it again for today: My intent is to get to the meat of Federalist 39 in the context of what is so commonly quoted and discussed – America as a democracy. I call this narrative ‘Faux democracy’. The facts are: that we are a Federated Republic with a democratic component. Madison makes this very clear.

I’ll talk about those who held the anti-SOTU fiasco and their calling for a change in the form of our government.

I will touch on the Delphi technique which is well used by the media, Hollywood, universities and yes, the political establishment elite.

With that, As always, remember:  The Founders wanted us to gain knowledge and get involved! Being a Citizen is an Active involvement in our political life!  Let’s get our feet on the street for this time is critical!

Join me on Saturday’s program to value the Founders perspective of the mirrors of history and the reality of the present.


For today’s program:

1. Delphi Technique references: a) Are You Being Delphied?

b) The Delphi Technique (NSA Released 12-01-2011 Transparency Case# 63853) UNCLASSIFIED,

c) Delphi Consensus Decision Making & Visioning Methods Used by Government – How they Manipulate Public Perceptions

2.  Federalist #39

3. Promoting my new book: Workbook for Two Constitutions: From Covenant to the Present Constitution

4.  Remember as you look at what is happening in the Republican held Congress:: “Not All Conservatives Are Constitutionalists

Or on Amazon:  Paperback or the eBook

And now at Barnes & Nobles too

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