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Emasculate The Anti-jab Resisters Into Isolation

Anti-jab Resisters

Anti-jab Resisters is a strange topic for Christmas day but I know few to none will be listening to the program therefore, I did my Christmas program last week. Find it here.

Yet before we move on to the update of this program, which for the audio and video portion is a recap of the December 26, 2020 program, I wanted to followup on a key point from last weeks program. That being, as Donald Trump mentioned this Sunday in Dallas during his Christmas address, Our country needs a savior and that is Jesus.

Political Theology is politics in action. Who is your Savior will determine personal outcomes as well as national. I want to open with these verses from Isaiah 66 that motivate me by knowing who is ultimately over all things and that the hard core promoters of the ‘plandemic,’ vaccine and other scary stuff this time of year (again) are having their delusion chosen for them, as well as their fears will be brought on them who do not know who is on the throne. Continue reading

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