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Not So Fast On Destroying the Constitution

Not So Fast On Destroying the Constitution  Tearing apart the Constitution

See the video on Rumble here.

Destroying the Constitution, Not so fast all you do nothing repudicans and your cohort of communists in Congress and the various bureaucracies. This week I am reflecting back on a past program that address our present. In fact, until the first December program, I am taking the journey back in programing to hammer home what Ecclesiastes 1:9 reflects on:

“What is that which hath been? it is that which is, and what is that which hath been done? it is that which is done, and there is not an entirely new thing under the sun.” Young’s Literal Translation

Everywhere you look and listen, there are present day pundits now warning of the demise of the Republic. They are ratcheting up the rhetoric. Seemingly, to prove their point, we have 32 repudicans voting to actually accomplish the downward spiral supporting the communists in Congress through $29.5 million in lobbying efforts by the Corporatocracy that I spoke of last week.. Continue reading

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