Episode 325: Corporatocracy: Universities Making Vassals



Corporatocracy is the central focus for the first segment. I begin the journey with putting a wet rag on the exuberant cheers of Tuesdays elections. Folks need to keep their feets on the streets and awareness of corrupt elections at the forefront. This election was a set of national to local skirmishes with some good bloodied battles won.

Remember that this war is continuum that began in 1764 with the Sugar Act. Corporatocracy /Corporatism was a primary driver in the Independence movement in the Colonies from then until now. The elections in our present time are as influence by the same spirit and energy of the board rooms and investors as was true in the Courts of the Kings of England.

With this, I pray that where the wins for the repudican party are; The Citizens that were elected govern Constitutionally and not by party spirit. Hopefully the distribution of ‘Red Pills’ will continue with a devastating effect on the Matrix but we shall see as the next lines are formed for not just another skirmish but a major counter assault by revived moral constitutionalism.

State and Local Corporatocracy

Look around and who are the major influencers on the various bureaucracies, universities as well as in the tundra of the State House or in your county bureaucracies? Hmmm, you pondered long enough. One word to be defined in the first segment of this program – lobbyists. Much to think about when I discuss this and point you to the associated references. Look in the mirror if you are a business person, ask yourself: Did I ever go to a politician or bureaucrat for the interest of my business or was I interested in what was constitutionally concerned for the nature of the community? To help explore this, here is a prod to an online book that I may not agree with all the way, but should get you thinking: The Class-Domination Theory of Power.

Universities Collusion Making Vassals

Corporatocracy is imbedded or I should better state, in the bed with Universities. I am opening the proverbial ‘Pandora Box’ with what I am bringing forward regarding an explanation as to; why Students at Universities are being mandated to get ‘the jab’ if they want to return to school.

I am writing a more extensive article with Ohio Sate University as the referenced example of any college or university that takes any form of Federal Money. That’s the teaser here, ‘Federal Money.’ Listen to the program podcast or video for more on this.

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Ah, the chicken and the egg. Therefore, I am hoping and praying that we can get a couple more donors committing so that I can pull the trigger on not only merchant services but also getting this program into one new radio market.

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Sam Adams Wisdom for the Present

I have inserted our present situation in terms/words with underlined italics.


[W. V. Wells, Life of Samuel Adams, vol. iii., pp. 18-26; printed in the Massachusetts Spy, July 16, 1778.]

To the Earl of Carlisle, Lord Viscount Howe, Sir William Howe (or, in his absence, Sir Henry Clinton), William Eden, and George Johnstone.

Trusty and well-beloved servants of your sacred master, in whom he is well pleased.

As you are sent to America for the express purpose of treating with anybody and anything, you will pardon an address from one who disdains to flatter those whom he loves. Should you therefore deign to read this address, your chaste ears will not be offended with the language of adulation,—a language you despise.

Skipping to the paragraphs in this long letter that deal with ‘commerce.’ Consider the reflections of the mirror of history that look at Washington D.C. and the Corporatist Lobbyists that have influenced policy and legislation:

You tell us you are willing “to consent to a cessation of hostilities both by sea and land.” It is difficult for rude Americans(patriot citizens) to determine whether you are serious in this proposition or whether you mean to jest with their simplicity. Upon a supposition, however, that you have too much magnanimity to divert yourselves on an occasion of so much importance to America citizens, and, perhaps, not very trivial in the eyes of those who sent you, permit me to assure you, on the sacred word of a gentleman, that if you shall transport your troops the present bureaucrats) to England (Washington D.C.), where before long your Prince will certainly want their assistance, we shall never follow them thither. We are not so romantically fond of fighting, neither have we such regard for the city of London (Washington D.C.), as to commence a crusade for the possession of that holy land. Thus you may be certain hostilities will cease by land. It would be doing singular injustice to your national character to suppose you are desirous of a like cessation by sea. The course of the war, and the very flourishing state of your commerce, no withstanding our weak efforts to interrupt it, daily show that you can exclude us from the sea,—the sea, your kingdom!

You offer “to restore free intercourse (communications), to revive mutual affection, and renew the common benefits of naturalization (inclusion in wokeness).” Whenever your countrymen shall be taught wisdom by experience, and learn from past misfortunes to pursue their true interests in the future we shall readily admit every intercourse (communications) which is necessary for the purposes of commerce and usual between different nations. To revive mutual affection is utterly impossible. We freely forgive you, but it is not in nature that you should forgive us. You have injured us too much. We might, on this occasion, give you some instances of singular barbarity committed, as well by the forces of his Britannic Majesty (President O’biden and bureaucrats) as by those of his generous and faithful allies, the Senecas, Onondagas, and Tuscaroras. But we will not offend a courtly ear by the recital of those disgusting scenes. Besides this, it might give pain to that humanity which hath, as you observe, prompted your overtures, to dwell upon the splendid victories obtained by a licentious soldiery over unarmed men in defenceless villages, their wanton devastations, their deliberate murders, or to inspect those scenes of carnage painted by the wild excesses of savage rage.1 These amiable traits of national conduct cannot but revive in our bosoms that partial affection we once felt for everything which bore the name of Englishman American Citizen). As to the common benefits of naturalization, it is a matter we conceive to be of the most sovereign indifference. A few of our wealthy citizens may hereafter visit England and Rome to see the ruins of those august temples in which the goddess of Liberty was once adored. These will hardly claim naturalization in either of those places as a benefit. On the other hand, such of your subjects as shall be driven by the iron hand of Oppression to seek for refuge among those whom they now persecute will certainly be admitted to the benefits of (true patriotic) naturalization. We labor to rear an asylum for mankind, and regret that circumstances will not permit you, gentlemen, to contribute to a design so very agreeable to your several tempers and dispositions.

But further, your Excellencies say, “We will concur to extend every freedom to trade that our respective interests can require.” Unfortunately, there is a little difference in these interests which you might not have found it very easy to reconcile, had the Congress been disposed to risk their heads by listening to terms which I have the honor to assure you are treated with ineffable contempt by every honest Whig in America. The difference I allude to is, that it is your interest to monopolize our commerce, and it is our interest to trade with all the world. There is, indeed, a method of cutting this Gordian knot which, perhaps, no statesman is acute enough to untie. By reserving to the Parliament of Great Britain (the federal government and corporatists marketing managers) the right of determining what our respective interests require, they might extend the freedom of trade, or circumscribe it at their pleasure, for what they might call our respective interests. But I trust it would not be for our mutual satisfaction. Your “earnest desire to stop the effusion of blood and the calamities of war” will therefore lead you, on maturer reflection, to reprobate a plan teeming with discord, and which, in the space of twenty years, would produce another wild expedition across the Atlantic, and in a few years more some such commission as that “with which his Majesty hath been pleased to honor you.” We cannot but admire the generosity of soul which prompts you “to agree that no military force shall be kept up in the different States of North America without the consent of the General Congress or particular Assemblies.” The only grateful return we can make for this exemplary condescension is, to assure your Excellencies, and, on behalf of my countrymen, I do most solemnly promise and assure you, that no military force shall be kept up in the different States of North America without the consent of the General Congress and that of the Legislatures of those States. You will, therefore, cause the forces of your royal master to be removed; for I can venture to assure you that the Congress have not consented, and probably will not consent, that they be kept up.

And there is more that I encourage you to go read on your own.

Because you keep asking –


1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

1.a. Are Corporations People?

2. The Class-Domination Theory of Power by G. William Domhoff

3. Leftist activists use corporations to influence society

4. Business Roundtable Redefines the Purpose of a Corporation to Promote ‘An Economy That Serves All Americans’

5. How Corporate Lobbyists Conquered American Democracy, Business didn’t always have so much power in Washington. By Lee Drutman

6. Influence & Lobbying, Open Secrets

7. Harvard Business Review: The Conundrum of Corporate Power by Walter Frick

8. HUFFPOST: Corporate Influence & Transforming From a World Created for the Non-Living, By Mark Chasan

9. Harvard Business School: The Role of the Corporation in Society: An Alternative View and Opportunities for Future Research

10. https://www.wsj.com/articles/when-corporations-changed-their-social-roleand-upended-our-politics-11567782178

11. Corporatocracy

12. Beyond ESG: How Individuals Can Influence Corporations

13. The Secret to Corporate Power, YES! Online

14. The influence of political connection on corporate social responsibility——evidence from Listed private companies in China

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1I would modernize this with all that has occurred over the last fifty years regarding the decimation of Citizens Rights and the bureaucratic / corporatist rule that has virtually obviated Constitutionalism. Think most recently: ChicomFlu, foreign invasion across the Southern border, drugs, human trafficking and vote fraud, just for starts.

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