Not So Fast On Destroying the Constitution

Not So Fast On Destroying the Constitution  Tearing apart the Constitution

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Destroying the Constitution, Not so fast all you do nothing repudicans and your cohort of communists in Congress and the various bureaucracies. This week I am reflecting back on a past program that address our present. In fact, until the first December program, I am taking the journey back in programing to hammer home what Ecclesiastes 1:9 reflects on:

“What is that which hath been? it is that which is, and what is that which hath been done? it is that which is done, and there is not an entirely new thing under the sun.” Young’s Literal Translation

Everywhere you look and listen, there are present day pundits now warning of the demise of the Republic. They are ratcheting up the rhetoric. Seemingly, to prove their point, we have 32 repudicans voting to actually accomplish the downward spiral supporting the communists in Congress through $29.5 million in lobbying efforts by the Corporatocracy that I spoke of last week.. Ok, this lobbying effort was by the Chamber of Commerce alone. And yes, so called Conservative do nothing…. Again. Take this post and let it light your fire, or not: (L)et’s (G)o (B)randon—(t)o (Q)Anon +

So as the first week in the Journey of looking into my past programs that are relevant Now and the mirror reflection of ‘not an entirely new thing under the sun,’ let me begin the retort about the Destruction of the Constitution with having you tune back in to the November 17th, 2018 program here.

Just a, slightly edited, quick statement in a frustrated rant from that programs blog posting:

The Title for today’s program is something that I have been talking about for forty plus years. I’m keeping this programs blog post simple. The events of the past two weeks and the actions of the various states elections boards is predictable. These are the results of not doing anything about what many others and myself have been warning about until we are blue in the face. Thankfully we live in a Constitutional Republic not a democracy or a democratic parliamentary form of government. If we did, then… The Kozak Plan would have us under 100% neo-marxist/socialist domination.

In this program, I take you through what has occurred and that we have action items that all the True Patriots must engage in. No excuses! No sitting on our butts! No throwing things at the TV!

NO —– It is past the time…. Action is what is required of you!

With that said, We MUST understand our Foundational Truths to keep the Republic and Constitutionalism working according to Original Intent.

Core Steps To Take

How are you going to look at the enemy and say, Not So Fast On Destroying the Constitution, when they seemingly are holding the flame thrower to the document in the national Archives? Here I’m going to give my three steps in one sentence and links to others who I trust can bring the points home for you.

Step 1. Reformation of the Churches:

As I always have and will continue to cry out, roar and vociferate, the only way to true Liberty is in and through Jesus Christ and His Lordship over everything being fully lived out in every manner. Simply, the extensibility of the Gospel.

Three References:

  1. The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution

  2. Jesus Christ’s Moral Government in the World Christian Civilization: The Supremacy of God’s Moral Law

  3. The Evangelical Divide | Doug Wilson

Step 2. Constitutionalism

Simply, Study your State Constitutions as well as the Federal. Then use this knowledge to challenge the elected and especially the bureaucrats to review all law or administrative rule according to the said Constitutions.

Step 3. Pick Your Passion and Focus

How to be most useful in the war of Liberty restoration. First, understand Step 2. With that, pick your passion and focus on it. If you don’t do this you will be scattered all over with every skirmish that is coming at you like the stars in a warp speed view of the stars. Work with others that have that same passion and keep an eye on the other Star Ships moving into their skirmishes or battles and support them when practicle.

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Last week I mentioned that we would have a Donate Button on the newsletter and the web site. As with my transparency on Use of Funds that I sent out to potential donors, I search for the best business practices when it comes to merchant services. Sadly, the Christian organization that I was intending to use has its back office merchant services hosted at Amazon. I could go with a company, even a Christian one, that uses anything Amazon for data service. Hence, I am looking into a couple others and as it would be, the company with the best cost model does have a monthly fee associated to it.

Ah, the chicken and the egg. Therefore, I am hoping and praying that we can get a couple more donors committing so that I can pull the trigger on not only merchant services but also getting this program into one new radio market.

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Sam Adams Wisdom for the Present

To Noah Webster.

[MS., Ford Collection, Lenox Library; a draft is in the Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library,] BOSTON April 30th 1784

‘Nothing was mentiond in his Letter to me, of the Nature or the Proceedings of County Conventions, & therefore I made no Observation upon them. I hope it will not be in the Power of any designing Men, by imposing upon credulous tho’ well meaning Persons long to keep this Country, who may be happy if they will, long in a State of Discord & Animosity. We may see, from the present State of Great Britain, how rapidly such a Spirit will drive a Nation to destruction. It is prudent for the People to keep a watchful Eye over the Conduct of all those who are entrusted with Publick Affairs. Such Attention is the Peoples great Security.1 But there is Decency & Respect due to Constitutional Authority, and those Men, who under any Pretence or by any Means whatever, would lessen the Weight of Government lawfully exercised, must be Enemies to our happy Revolution & the Common Liberty. County Conventions & popular Committees servd an excellent Purpose when they were first in Practice. No one therefore needs to regret the Share he may then have had in them. But I candidly own it is my Opinion, with Deferrence to the Opinions of other Men, that as we now have constitutional & regular Governments and all our Men in Authority depend upon the annual & free Elections of the People, we are safe without them. To say the least, they are become useless. Bodies of Men, under any Denomination whatever, who convene themselves for the Purpose of deliberating upon & adopting Measures which are cognizable by Legislatures only will, if continued, bring Legislatures to Contempt & Dissolution. If the publick Affairs are illy conducted, if dishonest or incapable Men have crept unawares into Government, it is happy for us, that under our American Constitutions the Remedy is at hand, & in the Power of the great Body of the People. Due Circumspection & Wisdom at the next Elections will set all right, without the Aid of any self Created Conventions or Societies of Men whatever.2 While we retain those simple Democracies in all our Towns which are the Basis of our State Constitutions, and make a good Use of them, it appears to me we cannot be enslaved or materially injured. It must however be confessd, that Imperfection attends all human affairs.’

Because you keep asking –


1. Review the References at the original program.


1At this point the draft included the words: “for the wisest & best of Men are liable to Error & Misconduct.”

2At this point the draft included the words “The whole People will not probably mistake their own true Interests, nor err in their Judgment of the Men to whom they may safely commit the Care of them.”


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